He rebelled against his father claiming the full authority of his position as associate-king, but later submitted[202]. [156] Obituaires de Sens Tome I.1, Abbaye de Saint-Denis, p. 322. The family of Robert II le Pieux de FRANCE and Constance de PROVENCE, [10405] FRANCE (de), Robert II le Pieux (Hugues Capet & Adélaïde .. [10406]), roi de France, born about 970, died 1031-07-20 Melun (Seine-et-Marne : 770288), France, buried Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis : 930066), France, PROVENCE (de), Constance (Guillaume II & Adèle dite Blanche d'ANJOU [128949]), born 986, died 1032-07, buried Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis : 930066), France, 1) Adèle, born 1009, died 1079, married 1028 Baudouin V de FLANDRES, 2) Henri Ier, roi de France, born about 1005, died 1060-08-04 Vitry-aux-Loges (Loiret : 450346), France, buried Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis : 930066), France, married Reims (Marne : 510454), France 1051-05-19 Anne de KIEV ou de RUSSIE, Bibliographie : Histoire de la maison royale de France (Père Anselme); Mémoires (Société généalogique canadienne-française), http://www.francogene.com/quebec--genealogy/010/010405.php, and in French: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_II_de_France. "Rainaldus comes Nivernensis" donated property "Belmontis" to Cluny, for the souls of "…uxoris mee Advise…" by charter dated to [1028/40][199]. 7. 987 996 1031 1060 1108 1137 1180 1223 1226, 1226 1270 1285 1314 1316 1316 1322 1328 1350, 1350 1364 1380 1422 1461 1483 1498 1515 1547 1559, 1559 1560 1574 1589 1610 1643 1715 1774 1792, History - France - Direct Capetians - Valois - Bourbons - Bonaparte, Categories: Articles to be expanded since April 2007 | All articles to be expanded | Articles lacking sources from April 2007 | All articles lacking sources | 972 births | 1031 deaths | People from Centre |. [204] Obituaires de Sens Tome I.1, Prieuré d'Argenteuil, p. 348. This article or section does not cite any references or sources. Robert I de Bourgogne, Duc de Bourgogne+ b. c 1011, d. 21 Mar 1076 (5), http://www.thepeerage.com/p10310.htm#i103098, From Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_II_of_France. By this wife Robert had four sons, and in 1017, the eldest ofthese, Hugh, [1007-1025], was crowned as his father's colleague andsuccessor. The Chronici Hugonis Floriacensis names "Adelaidem…Rainaldi comitis Nivernensis uxorem" as the daughter of King Robert and his wife Constance[195]. Orléans, Orléanais, France. [197] Bouchard (1987), pp. [2] Modern scholarship has largely imputed to Hugh the motive of establishing a dynasty against the pretension of electoral power on the part of the aristocracy, but this is not the typical view of contemporaries and even some modern scholar have been less sceptical of Hugh's "plan" to campaign in Spain. "The essential means by which the early Capetians were seen to have kept the throne in their family was through the association of the eldest surviving son in the royalty during the father's lifetime," Andrew W. Lewis has observed, in tracing the phenomenon in this line of kings who lacked dynastic legitimacy. Han ble etterfulgt av hans og Constances andre sønn, Henrik I. ca 989, 1) Susanne (Rosala), prinsesse av Italia (ca 945 – 26. januar 1003). He claimed the duchy of Burgundy on the death of his paternal uncle Duke Henri in 1002, but took 12 years to complete its conquest in the face of opposition from Otto-Guillaume Comte de Mâcon[180]. 996 à 1031 - Règne de ROBERT II Le Pieux - Le nouveau ROI de France a juste dix sept ans lorsqu'il épouse en 988 Rosala ( fille de Béranger, ex-roi d'Italie exilé en Allemagne, et veuve du comte de Flandre Arnoul II.) XIII, cited in Kerrebrouck (2000), p. 63 footnote 57. The Historia Francorum names (in order) "Hugonem qui cognominatus est Magnus, Henricum, Robertum, Odonem" as the four sons of King Robert and Constance[200]. Robert had no children from his short-lived marriage to Susanna. HUGUES de France (1007-28 Aug 1025, bur Compiègne, church of the Abbaye de Saint-Corneille). He and Bertha de Bourgogne were divorced in 1000.3 He died on 20 July 1031 at age 59.1. [3] Robert was eventually crowned on 30 December that same year. Rodolfus Glaber records the death of Queen Constance in the same city as her husband [Melun] and in the same month [July] in the following year, as well as her place of burial[187]. As early as 989, having been rebuffed in his search for a Byzantine princess, Hugh Capet arranged for Robert to marry the recently-widowed daughter of Berengar II of Italy, Rozala, who took the name of Susannah upon becoming Queen. She was a widow of Odo I of Blois, but was also Robert's cousin. December 987, probably in January 988]. She was the widow of Arnulf II of Flanders, with whom she had children, the oldest of whom was of age to assume the offices of count of Flanders. Ralph Glaber, however, attributes Hugh's request to his old age and inability to control the nobility. Robert II (27 March 972 – 20 July 1031), called the Pious or the Wise, was King of France from 996 until his death. He was invested as associate-king with his father 25 Dec 987, consecrated 1 Apr 988 at the cathedral of Sainte-Croix in Orléans[149]. This article has been tagged since April 2007. His mother supported him as candidate to be consecrated associate king in 1027, in place of his older brother Henri who was supported by their father. After long negotiations with Gregory's successor, Sylvester II, the marriage was annulled. Robert II, byname Robert The Pious, French Robert Le Pieux, (born c. 970, Orléans, Fr.—died July 20, 1031, Melun), king of France who took Burgundy into the French realm. A measure of Hugh's success is that when Hugh died in 996, Robert continued to reign without any succession dispute, but during his long reign actual royal power dissipated into the hands of the great territorial magnates. In 987, Robert's father had the nobles crown him as successor at Orléans on December 30th, thereby confirming the house of Capet as rulers of France. [148] Genealogiæ Scriptoris Fusniacensis 2, MGH SS XIII, p. 252. In 1003, his invasion of the Duchy of Burgundy was thwarted and it would not be until 1016 that he was finally able to get the support of the Church and be recognized as Duke of Burgundy. Husband of Constance of Arles, queen consort of the Franks After long negotiations with Gregory's successor, Sylvester II, the marriage was annulled. He was succeeded by his son Henry, in both France and Burgundy. Robert II de Dreux et Yolande de Coucy, son épouse, sont inhumés en la nécropole familiale de l'église de l'abbatiale Saint-Yved de Braine. Kerrebrouck mentions her betrothal to Duke Richard "très jeune" but does not cite the primary source on which this is based[216]. Called Robert the Pious. Enke av grev Theobald II av Blois. She was the widow of Arnulf II of Flanders, with whom she had children, the oldest of whom was of age to assume the offices of count of Flanders. She opposed her husband's proposal to crown their second son Henri as associate king in 1026, supporting the candidature of her third son Robert[185]. The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines records the death in 1031 of "rex Francorum Robertus"[153]. IV (Oxford Medieval Texts, 1969-80), Appendix I, p. 350. Datasets available include LCSH, BIBFRAME, LC Name Authorities, LC Classification, MARC codes, PREMIS … Rodolfus Glaber records his place of burial[205]. King Robert's army was beaten and he retreated to Beaugency outside Paris. He succeeded his father in 1028 as RENAUD I Comte de Nevers. Rozala (who changed her name to Susannah after becoming queen). [SOURCE:Encyclop%C3%A6dia Britannica, 1961 ed., Vol. [181] Rodulfi Glabri, Historiarum III.7, p. 107. He tried instead to marry Bertha, daughter of Conrad of Burgundy, around the time of his father's death. m thirdly (after Sep 1001 before 25 Aug 1003) CONSTANCE d'Arles, daughter of GUILLAUME II “le Libérateur” Comte d’Arles [Provence] et Marquis & his wife Adelais [Blanche] d’Anjou ([987/89]-Château de Melun 22 or 25 Jul 1032, bur église de l'Abbaye royale de Saint-Denis). Robert II dispenses alms to the poor: "Robert had a kindly feeling for the weak and poor" — from François Guizot, A Popular History of France from the Earliest Times. A measure of Hugh's success is that when Hugh died in 996, Robert continued to reign without any succession dispute, but during his long reign actual royal power dissipated into the hands of the great territorial magnates. Rozala of Italy, Constance of Arles, Bertha of Burgundy, Henry I of France, Robert I, Duke of Burgundy, Adèle of France, Countess of Flanders, Hugh Magnus, Hedwig of France, Countess of Nevers, Hendrik Capet, Adelaide (Aelis) van FRANKRIJK, Constance van FRANKRIJK, Robert van BOURGONDIE, Hendrik Capet, Adelaide (Aelis) van Frankrijk, Constance van Frankrijk, Robert van Bourgondie, Constance de Toulouse Talliefer of Provence, Hedwig Capet, Eudes Capet, Adela Capet, Hugues Capet, Adelaide Havoise de Auxerre Capet, Henry i Capet, Robert i ''the Old '' de Bourgogne, Hugo i Capet Koning van Frankrijk, Adelheid van Acquitanië, Rosela van Ivréa Vrouwe van Montrieul-Sur-Mer, Bertha van Bourgondië, Constance van Arles Gravin van Toulouse, Hendrik i Capet Koning van Frankrijk, Adela Capet Gravin van Auxerre, Constance Capet, Robert i (de Oude) Capet Hertog van Bourgondië, July 20 1031 - Chateau Melun, Melun, Aquitaine, Frankrijk, Rosela Ivréa Vrouwe van Montrieul-Sur-Mer, Bertha van Bourgondië, Constance van Arles Gravin van Toulouse, Adelaide Aquitaine, July 20 1031 - Melun, Île-De-France, France, Europe, Rozala of Italy, Bertha of Burgundy, Constance of Arles, Henry i King of France, Adele of France Countess of Flanders, Robert i Capet, July 20 1031 - Le Juifs, Chartres, Eure-Et-Loire, Centre, France, Rosella D'Ivrea, Bertha de Burgundy, Constance D'Arles, Eudes Capet, Hugh Magnus Capet, Constance Capet, Hawise Capet, Robert i de Burgundy, Henri i de France, Adelaide de France, Hugues Ier Capet de France, Adélaïde de Poitiers, French: Robert II Capet, "le Pieux" roi des Francs, Spanish: Roberto II Capeto, "el Piadoso" rey de Francia, Danish: Robert II Capet, "den Fromme" kong Frankrig, Italian: Roberto II Capeto, "il Pio" re di Francia, Constance of Arles, queen consort of the Franks, Berthe de Bourgogne, reine consort de France, Constance de France, heritiere de Dammartin, Robert Ii "The Pious" King of France Capet, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_II_of_France, http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/CAPET.htm#RobertIIdied1031B, http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/CAPET.htm#_Toc154137001, http://www.charweb.org/gen/rjones/d0087/g0000016.htm#I468, http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_II_de_France. A missing Capetian princess: Advisa, daughter of King Robert II of France (Medieval Prosopography), 1990. 1009, d. 8 Jan 1079 (2), -4. He succeeded his father in 1035 as BAUDOUIN V “le Pieux/Insulanus” Count of Flanders. Hugh died in revolt in 1025. II : Robert II le Pieux (996 à 1031) 1° La jeunesse de Robert II (972 à 996) – Fils d’Hugues Capet et d’Adélaïde, Robert II naquit vers 972. m firstly (988, before 1 Apr, repudiated [991/92]) as her second husband, ROZALA [Suzanne] di Ivrea, widow of ARNOUL II “le Jeune” Count of Flanders, daughter of BERENGARIO II ex-King of Italy [Ivrea] & his wife Willa of Tuscany-Arles ([950/960]-13 Dec 1003 or 7 Feb 1004, bur Gent, church of the Abbey de Saint-Pierre du Mont-Blandin). Robert was called The Pious because of his humility and charity; he was also esteemed as a soldier and ruler. In 1001, 3) Constance Taillefer d'Arles (973-July 25, 1032).

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