Faline | Madame Leota | Jack Skellington | Shane Wolfe | Archimedes Q. Porter | Perdita | Mertle Edmonds | Pocahontas | Peg Pete | Duma | Tangled Dumbo | "[8] D'après Colin Covert de Star Tribune, Flynn "a enseigné le courage à Raiponce. Heihei | Search, discover and share your favorite Flynn Rider GIFs. Judy Hopps | Grandma Tala | Gordon Bombay | Olympian Gods (Posidon, Aphrodite, Apollo) | Lulubelle | Tidus | Lightning | Pongo | Elizabeth James | Figaro | Cody | Remy | Wakka | From shop SixPrincesses. Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei | Djali | Yelana | Philoctetes | Aladar | Naminé | Toby | Ludwig Von Drake | Lorsqu'un des bandits les plus recherchés—et les plus charmants—du royaume, Flynn Rider (voix de Zachary Levi) se cache dans une tour mystérieuse, il est pris en otage par Raiponce (voix … El Chupacabra | Lofty | Little John | Owl | Ienzo | https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Flynn_Rider&oldid=158356532, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Razoul | Lorsque Flynn Rider, le bandit le plus recherché du royaume, se réfugie dans une mystérieuse tour, il se retrouve pris en otage par Raiponce, une belle jeune fille à l’impressionnante chevelure de 20 mètres de long. Marnie Piper | Flynn Rider | Queen Athena | Cogsworth | Before he was the dashing Flynn Rider, the role of Rapunzel's love interest came in the form of Bastian, a large, handsome, and charming blonde man with a physique similar to that of the Stabbington Brothers. Zach | Eugene accompanies Rapunzel during her return to the Kingdom, as she has discovered that she has been its lost princess, and witnesses her reunion with her parents. James Henry Trotter | Eugene, along with Rapunzel, appears in this short sequel to the film, in which the two are preparing themselves for their royal wedding. The BFG | L’étonnante geôlière de Flynn cherche un moyen de sortir de cette tour où elle est enfermée depuis des années. Baloo | et Cosmopolitan. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Timon | Anastasia Tremaine | Occupation Violet Parr | Terk | Captain Jack Sparrow | Freeze Girl | Later that night, when the two are sitting beside their campfire, Rapunzel uses her hair to heal Eugene's injured hand. Gopher | Pip | Vexen | Xion) | Seven Dwarfs (Doc, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy & Dopey) | Troy Bolton | Captain Phoebus | High quality Flynn Rider gifts and merchandise. Artemis Fowl | Theodore and Amos | Merryweather | After arriving at the tower, he becomes worried when Rapunzel does not answer his calls, but her hair soon comes down to let him climb up. Aurora (2014) | Hercules | Goofy | Moana Waialiki | Data-Naminé | The King | Simba (2019) | In a collection of animated, stylized shorts, Flynn chronicles his former days as a thief in the kingdom of Corona, revealing some of his adventures and misadventures with the law. Winnie the Pooh | Flounder | Gruff | Organization XIII | (Axel | Roxas | The 10 Sexiest Pictures Of Flynn Rider Flynn Rider is one of Disney's hottest new male stars. Lucky | Elrena | Madeline Robin | Stitch | Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 | Peter Pan | Mickey Mouse (Sorcerer Mickey) | Maleficent (2014) | Alistair Krei | Roo | Launchpad McQuack | Queen Elsa | Eugene and Rapunzel finally realize their love for one another, and nearly kiss. Fifi | Billina | Bruno | Neera | Bucky | Goodtime Charlie | Rosetta | Peter Pan | Toby Turtle | Raksha | Genie (2019) | Terra (Lingering Will) | As the kingdom celebrates the return of the lost princess, the two are shown together, both wearing nicer clothing and clearly still in love. Url | Cloak & Camo | Bongo the Bear | Tiana | Zack Fair. Roger Radcliffe | Bruno | King Stefan | Urchin | https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Flynn_Rider?oldid=2098849. Eugene Fitzherbert / Flynn Rider Raiponce - La série; Thomas en Jours adolescents; Jeu vidéo. Belle | Bianca | Robin Hood | Gosalyn Mallard | Terra (Lingering Will) | John Darling | Patch | Frou-Frou | Underdog | Flynn Rider. An overjoyed Rapunzel then embraces him jubilantly, and the two share their first kiss at last. Boo | Lumière (2017) | Elle es doublée par Mandy Moore. Mouse | Toughwood & Tailfeather | Jack Skellington | TTS/Teenager Kanga | Balthazar's Eagle | Raksha (2016) | Queen Leah | Raiponce est un film d'animation américain, inspiré de l'adaptation du conte éponyme Raiponce des frères Grimm, réalisé par Byron Howard et Nathan Greno. Pumbaa (2019) | Nick Parker | Patch | Will Turner | Little Red Riding Hood | Prince Charming | Borra | D'Artagnan | Zak William Lake | Eric | Willie the Whale | Mrs. Potts | For the first part of the film, he is solely focused on thieving and increasing his personal bank, aspiring to bask in his wealth one day own his own private island. Lucky | Blanky | Gepetto | Marianne | Voleur, c'est un véritable anti-héros[5],[6]. Daisy Duck | Ben Gates | Eema | He appears to have been graciously accepted by the King and Queen. Bandersnatch | Après l'avoir dûment assommé, Raiponce lui fait du chantage afin qu'il l’emmène « voir les lumières » (envol de lanternes ayant lieu tous les ans dans le royaume) pour son 18e anniversaire et qu'il la ramène (vivante) jusqu'à sa tour, en échange de quoi il pourrait récupérer la couronne volée. Long John Silver | Blue Fairy | Zini | Warren Peace | Abu | Miguel Rivera, Original Characters Ansem the Wise | Mr. Beaver | Prince Charming (2015) | LoyalIn LoveRevived, RapunzelPascalMaximusPub ThugsStabbington Brothers (formerly)VarianCassandraLance Strongbow (best friend)XavierFidellaPete and StanAngry and RedHook FootWillowVexCaptain QuaidLorbsSeraphinaSoraDonald DuckGoofy, Mother GothelThe Stabbington Brothers (formerly)Maximus (formerly)Captain of the Guards (formerly)Royal Guard (formerly)Lady CaineBaronAndrewMrs. Launchpad McQuack | He attempts to make peace with the Stabbington Brothers by giving them the satchel and the crown inside and tries to leave. A moment before kissing Rapunzel, Eugene is distracted by the sight of the Stabbington Brothers on the shore, and appears to come to a conclusion about his satchel. Sergeant Calhoun | Cassim | Yar | Ancestors | Lauriam | Scamp | Anastasia Tremaine | Nikki | Now accompanied by Maximus, the group arrive at the Kingdom for the festival. Riku | Squall Leonhart | Madellaine | Big Red | Herbie | Magic Carpet | Morph | Nani Pelekai | Bridget | Sarafina | Queen Elsa | Aurora | Wreck-It Ralph | Forest Animals | Rutt and Tuke | Princess Marie | Dottie | Flynn Rider Thème Disney Princesses Ensemble 41054 41065 Film Tout un monde de rêves à construire Sortie 2014 Flynn Rider est une mini-poupée Disney Princesses et un voleur qui se réfugie dans la tour de Raiponce. Eugene Fitzherbert was born to King Edmund and his wife, rulers of the Dark Kingdom. Aramis | Rajah (2019) | Wasabi | Kala | Chip and Dale | Flynn Rider (né Eugene Fitzherbert) est un personnage fictif qui apparaît dans Walt Disney Animation Studios 50e film d'animation de Raiponce, son court - métrage Tangled Ever After, et la série télévisée 2017 Tangled: La série. Hamish, Hubert, & Harris, Others Cassandra | SugarbyVarian (formerly)StalyanMother and FatherTromusHeartlessNobodiesMarluxiaCassandra (formerly). Maui | All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Maurice (2017) | Tramp | Kevin Flynn | Lance Strongbow | Eugene and Rapunzel are shown later after Maximus and Pascal manage to get the rings back, but the couple (and everyone else) are shocked at the grotesque-looking Maximus and Pascal, both covered with tar, who offer the rings. Do-Gooder Cubbi Gummi | Rapunzel manages to distract the thugs by inspiring the "I've Got a Dream" song, during which Flynn reveals his dream to own an island, where he can relax alone with his money. Prince Phillip | Kiara | Apollo | Huey, Dewey, and Louie | Tigger | Kiara | Prince Phillip | Organization XIII | (Axel | Xion | Roxas | Ape | Scat Cat | Sylvia Marpole | Flower | Rhino | Chicken Little | Aquarianne | Vivi Ornitier | Penny | Owl | Rebecca Cunningham | Fawn | Yao, Ling and Chien Po | Eeyore (2018) | Victor, Hugo, & Laverne | Howard cite l'acteur américain Clark Gable et le footballeur anglais David Beckham parmi les célébrités qui ont influencé les caractéristiques du personnages. Mayor of Halloween Town | Neku Sakuraba | Colonel Haiti | Hercules | When Flynn awakens, he finds himself tied to a chair with Rapunzel's hair. Gwen Piper | Zachary Levi is the voice of Flynn Rider in Tangled, and Hiroshi Hatanaka is the Japanese voice. Shop flynn rider t-shirts created by independent artists from around the globe. Gavin Magary | Eugene never knew t… Cliff Secord | Christopher Robin (2018) | Flynn is of average height and build with fair skin, short dark brown hair, a scruffy goatee and light brown eyes. Aqua | Windlifter, Shorts, TV Shows, Comics and Video Games In the short, "Crashimus Maximus", Flynn escapes the royal guards, though his real threat proves to be Maximus, revealing a history together even before the crown heist. Abu (2019) | Victoria | Terence | Toaster | Horace Horsecollar | Mouse King | Cavin | Glowworm | Dusty Crophopper | Moana Waialiki | Originalement pensé comme un plouc anglais, Flynn a finalement évolué en personnage typique de cape et d'épée, à la croisée d'Han Solo et Indiana Jones. Varian | Bambi | Quasimodo | Hurley | Zero | Milo | Prince Charming | Ryder Nattura | Cobra Bubbles | Rita | Flynn est donc à la croisée entre l'anti-héros, le héros romantique, de cape et d'épée, de comédie, de conte de fée, d'action : complet et "moderne"[11],[12]. Phillip Brainard | Huey, Dewey, and Louie | Alice Liddell | Akela (2016) | Marie | Wolf | Megara | Cleo | She joins Eugene at the altar as the bishop begins the ceremony, but Maximus sneezes and accidentally loses their wedding rings. Kronk | The next day, as he is taken to be hanged, he notices the Stabbington Brothers in their own cell. Enlevée à sa naissance par la mère Gothel, Raiponce est élevée en ermite dans une tour afin que personne ne puisse voler son pouvoir magique. Olaf | Lady | The tear, which is the original drop of sunshine which created the magic flower that healed her mother, shines as it dissolves into the skin and heals Eugene's chest wound, reviving him. As the short opens, Flynn starts off the story by joking "This is the story of the day my life ended" as a nod to the original film's opening. Tifa Lockhart | Kairi | Son véritable nom est Eugene Fitzherbert. Flynn Rider, de son vrai nom Eugène Fitzherbert, est un voleur notoire, qui se retrouve forcé à aider Raiponce. The Prince | However, as he begins to fall in love with Rapunzel, he transforms into a more compassionate, chivalrous and trustworthy person, and changes his priorities. Wreck-It Ralph | In the end, though, they escape, and Flynn manipulates them into believing he was still allies with them, rejoining forces with the duo. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Flynn Rider animated GIFs to your conversations. Dani Dennison | Type of Hero Abu | Donald Duck | Winnie the Pooh | Joshamee Gibbs | Sir Victor | Oswald the Lucky Rabbit | He’s overly concerned about money, wealth and the tiara he wishes to regain from Rapunzel. Gusto Gummi | Miss Spider | Wayne Szalinski | Beast | Kirby | Great Prince of the Forest | Zeus | Fix-It Felix, Jr. | Eugene went back to his birth name, stopped thieving, and married Rapunzel a few years later. Mr. Meacham | When Flynn met the lonesome girl in a remote tower, he was quite irritated to be coerced into taking her to see the Festival of Lights at the kingdom so that he could get back a valuable stolen tiara she had hidden from him. Rapunzel uses her hair to help him escape the cliff and the horse, but when Maximus damages the dam in order to reach them, the two are trapped in a cave, which begins filling rapidly with water. Lulu Plummer | Flynn Rider (de son vrai nom Eugene Fitzherbert) est un personnage de fiction qui apparaît dans le 50e film d'animation des studios Disney, Raiponce (Tangled), ainsi que dans le court-métrage Le Mariage de Raiponce et dans la série animée à venir[1]. Will Turner | 4.4 out of 5 stars 153. Trusty | "[9] Rob Vaux de Mania.com décrit la relation entre ces deux personnages comme "une alchimie de "complices", avec beaucoup d'espièglerie, où ils s'apprivoisent à leur rythme. Prince Naveen | Sharpay Evans | Water Rat | Belle (2017) | Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit | Hera | Master Eraqus | He is impressed by her beauty, but when he fails to woo his way out of the predicament, Flynn is eventually forced to agree to consent to Rapunzel's request to take her to see the yearly Festival of Lights in the Kingdom, in exchange for the return of his satchel and the crown inside. Jim Craig | Eugene FitzherbertHorace (birth name) As an experienced thief, he is skilled in escaping the authorities, hiding out and stealing right from under people's noses. Mother Gothel agrees and chains the wounded Eugene instead. He is knocked unconscious and tied to a boat, which is set to sail toward the Kingdom. Captain Gantu | Abigail and Amelia Gabble | Alan Bradley | Yen Sid | Flynn serves as the opening narrator for the story, where he initially jokes, "This is a story of how I died", before giving a brief recount of the circumstances surrounding Rapunzel's birth to the kingdom's King and Queen, and Rapunzel's subsequent kidnapping by Mother Gothel. Data-Riku | Sara Evers | Tip and Dash | After explaining that he has readopted his original name and stopped thieving, Eugene then claims that he accepted Rapunzel's proposal of marriage after years and years of asking, only to be corrected by her. Jonathan Boy | Maid Marian | Spirit Dream Eaters | Kerchak | Chief Bogo | Copper | Kairi | Eugene Fitzherbert, better known as Flynn Rider, is the deuteragonist of the Tangled franchise. Quasimodo | Franny Robinson | Seven Dwarfs (Bashful | Doc | Dopey | Grumpy | Happy | Sleepy | Sneezy) | Mrs. Calloway | When Rapunzel sees through his ploy, he tries another method to dissuade her by taking her to the Snuggly Duckling, where she will be sure to encounter the "ruffians" and "thugs" he hopes she will fear. Annie James | Adira | Captain | FUNLMO Pretty Rapunzel Tiara Aurora Borealis Stone Sparkly Gold Tiara Princess Crown Tangled Costume Sweet Gift for Girls. As he spent time with her, he gained a respect for the headstrong young lady that became strong affection and caring. Rollo | Hyacinth Hippo | Flynn est même considéré comme étant le héros Disney le plus attirant par Vanity Fair, E! 2D Murgatroid the Snake | Inspector Gadget | Mufasa | Ienzo | From shop BestDayEvear. Sir Tuxford | Tom Sawyer | Balthazar Blake | Lizzy | Cinderella (2015) | Chiro | Angelique | Le design final de Flynn a été élaboré au cours de sessions appelées "Hot Man Meeting", réunissant une trentaine de femmes travaillant sur "Raiponce" qui étaient encouragées à amener des photos d'hommes qu'elles trouvaient "plaisants"[7]. Aladdin | Mike Wazowski | Pete | Lorsqu'un des bandits les plus recherchés - et les plus charmants - du royaume, Flynn Rider se cache dans une tour mystérieuse, il est pris en otage par Raiponce, une ravissante et fougueuse adolescente prisonnière de la tour et équipée d'une chevelure d'or magique de 22 mètres. Sassy | The short closes with Eugene proclaiming, "So, who wants a piece of cake?" Jenny Foxworth | Cri-Kee | Sally | Grand Councilwoman | Max Goof | Pegasus | Greno et Howard voulaient que Flynn soit drôle et sarcastique. Tod | Jim Evers | Kenai | Chip Potts | Geppetto | Riku Replica | Sparky | Sunny | Buck Cluck | Dans l'histoire originale, Raiponce tombe amoureuse d'un prince. Lewis | Percy | By the end of the film, Flynn's love for her has grown to the point where he is willing to die so that she can be free. Gladstone Gander | Dodger | Flynn Rider Prefers Brunettes Shirt- The perfect Tangled shirt or Rapunzel shirt- Disney shirt for a Tangled birthday or Disney princess BestDayEvear. Zeus, Other Square Enix Characters Ursula Stanhope | Eugene and Rapunzel kiss, and everyone in attendance rejoice. Miguel Rivera | Paine | Christopher Robin | Louis the Alligator | Natalie Magary | Oscar Diggs | Eddie Valiant | Michael Darling | However, after the Palace guards arrive, they quickly go into hiding. White Rabbit | Fagin | Ted Johnson | Flynn tries to take advantage of Rapunzel's obvious ambivalence about leaving the tower by suggesting, with the pretense of good-natured compromise, that they give up on the entire endeavor. Mice (2015) | Jess Aarons | Emma | Andrina | Fix-It Felix, Jr. | Baker | Vanellope von Schweetz | Sebastian | Riku | Sheik Amar | Blag | Dawn | Rabbit | Gyro Gearloose | Sort: Relevant Newest # happy # fun # excited # yay # exciting # teen wolf # tangled # zachary levi # flynn rider # stephen lunsford # smile # movies # eyebrows # tangled # grin Mad Hatter | Hiram Flaversham | As Flynn cast aside his cares for treasure and solitude he realized his old dream had been replaced by a new one. Jill Young | The Sultan | Sam Flynn | Shanti | Ebenezer Scrooge | Jinmay | Daisy Duck | China Girl | Genie | Elizabeth Swann | Bagheera (2016) | Chen Honghui | Selphie Tilmitt | The conversation is cut short when they discover that the guards have pursued them into the passage. Family Mowgli (2016) | Sarabi (2019) | Dr. Finkelstein | Angel | Max | Ocean | Ariel | Arthur Pendragon | Sven | I haven't seen someone this dreamy since Eric from The Little Mermaid. | Angus McBadger | Eugene is nearly captured again by Maximus, but Rapunzel—with the help of Pascal—is able to befriend the horse and makes the two forge a reluctant alliance for the next twenty-four hours, during which Maximus will not get Eugene arrested. Wardrobe | Mona | Prince Phillip (2014) | With time, however, the designs were changed and the directors of the film (Nathan Greno and Byron Howard) wanted to design the character as strikingly attractive. Ivan | Mother Gothel rapidly ages and dies without the magic from Rapunzel's hair. Ratso | As Rapunzel weeps, he tries to cheer her a little by revealing his real name, Eugene Fitzherbert. Stanley Yelnats IV | Eugene smiles and dies, leaving a heartbroken Rapunzel to hopelessly finish the healing incantation. Denahi | Prince Edward | Cogsworth (2017) | Timothy Q. Principal Powers | as the cart carrying the wedding cake, accidentally bumped by an exhausted Maximus, rolls out the door. Mr. Big | Data-Sora, Official Cloud Strife | Tik-Tok | Escort Rapunzel to see the lanterns in Corona in order to get back the lost crown and help Rapunzel escape from Gothel's abuse. Coach Boomer | Pridelanders (Mufasa | Nala | Rafiki | Simba) | Lady Kluck | Perri | Auron | Cid Highwind | Gopher | Rapunzel | Emperor of China, Other Animated Movies Bentina Beakley | Tonto | Nasty Jack | Fairy Godmother (2015) | The Sultan (2019) | April, May and June | Morgana Macawber | Inspector Fix | Sitka | Plio | Blaster | L'origine de ces sessions est que les réalisateurs trouvaient le design de Raiponce impressionnant, et ils voulaient que "Flynn soit à la hauteur". Jetstream | Jock | Eugene eventually ventured out on his own and grew up into a dashing swashbuckler and gifted horseman and took the name of his childhood hero, going by the alias Flynn Rider. Bog King, Sequels Breaking free from the guards momentarily, he confronts them, forcing them to reveal that Mother Gothel has told them about Rapunzel and her hair. Chad Danforth | Dumbo | Snickers | Flynn's talents also include fencing, horseback riding, scaling and maneuvering over high walls and towers and "superhuman good looks", which unfortunately have no effect on Rapunzel. Allison | Phoebus | Robin Hood | Aladdin (2019) | Zero (Holes) | He is awestruck at the sight of Rapunzel in her wedding attire as her father, the King, walks her down the center aisle. Nevertheless, Eugene nervously takes the rings and gives one to his bride. Rabbit | Shiki Misaki | Chip Potts (2017) | Alias Nala (2019) | Ballerina | Nick Parker | Dash Parr | Pete | Sparky | Joshamee Gibbs | Pluto | Ryan | Milo's Mother | He was voiced by Zachary Levi, who also portrayed Shazam in Shazam!, and Toby Seville from Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. Elizabeth Swann | KH III Dr. Doppler | Queen Anna | Merlin | Milo James Thatch | Simba | The Sultan | Melody | Blade Ranger | Jack Pumpkinhead | Elionwy | Thomas | Zummi Gummi | Bruni | Ages: 36 months - 14 years. "[10] Raiponce convainc Flynn de reprendre son nom de naissance (Eugène Fitzherbert). Thackery Binx | Naminé | Mooch | C'est un personnage qui ne sait pas vraiment qui il est, il fait ce qui l'amuse. Berlioz | Flora | Scrooge McDuck | Peter Pan | Zoe Plummer | Iago | Prince Eric | Cleo | Thomas O'Malley | Jane Porter | Kessie | Flynn est conçu comme un voleur parfaitement à l'opposé de l'idée qu'on se fait habituellement d'un Prince, c'est un personnage décalé, avec ses imperfections, et très humoristique. Prince Phillip | Tantor | James Norrington | Flounder | The Emperor of China | Judy Hopps | Max Dennison |

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