Collette Juilliard-Beaudan thinks that Tunisian women "cease to choose a democratic form, (they) prefer secularism." This sura states that: "It is permitted to marry two, three or four among the women who please you, but if you fear not being just towards them, then only one, or some slaves that you possess. 0000331143 00000 n Le Code du statut personnel tunisien distingue les empêchements permanents des empêchements provisoires (art. In October, 1997, during Ben Ali's official visit to France, defenders of the Tunisian regime produced the status of women in dismissing criticism from organizations promoting human rights. Accueil Tags Code du statut personnel tunisie. Other measures consecrated the participation of the mother in the conduct of business concerning children and the obligatory consent of the mother for the marriage of her minor child. Transfert vers Statut des femmes en Tunisie. Les articles du texte : Préambule; Article premier; Article 2; Articles 3-4-5. �L�1��]geX4������I��RQ�%��XC��6O���X��nlA�����$���mQ�C��=�H�!y�5��#�3�kڀ���N�� �n'm�zQ赨����M�e=D���9L`���p��&����pbU�H~�0�T�Ӄ6��T]��4)� ��H����cd؀�"D߰\�%N}��q!wojK��˷��g��:f�н�i�e�G�Z����K�t̼�эy}Y�YaQ�z7�I�z?f�RDe��``���7^���-~�ǁ0� yZ9�z7�Y��E�O�h�T�x�=7��Y�M���+�C�C����!�q�r������){��N��ڐ�| Muhammad Baraket and Domenic Tabutin estimate that two-thirds of the reduction in births during the period 1966-1975 is the demographic consequences of these measures. Alerte Google : "code du statut personnel" Google Alerts: 3/30/19 5:00 AM Le droit des successions est régi par les articles 85 et suivants du CSP. authentique laïque, l’État tunisien, de l’indépendance à aujourd’hui, n’a jamais été laïc. Au nom du peuple, Nous, Habib Bourguiba, président de la République ... - décret du 11 août 1937 portant statut des journalistes professionnels, - décret du 28 juillet 1938, rendant applicables à la Tunisie, ... au personnel correspondant du commerce et de l’industrie. Par Lilia Labidi. Loi n° 59-77 du 19 juin 1959. How abase ourselves to this functioning of an intelligent animal?". en place par loi n° 03-70 relative au code de la famille promulguée par le Dahir n° 1-04-22 du 3 février 2004. The Code formed the theme of an Arabic language documentary "Fatma 75" (1975) by Salma Baccar and produced by the anonymous Tunisian Society for the Production and Distribution of Films. Transfert vers Statut des femmes en Tunisie. This explained that the future of Islamic civilization depends on its modernization. On June 13, 1955, Bouzid, then the magazine's only woman, edited in its eighth issue an article signed with the pseudonym of Layla and entitled "Call For Emancipation Law." article 31. Our decision in the matter contradicts no religious text and is found to be in agreement with mercy and justice and the equality of the sexes.". They represent 72 per cent of pharmacy workers, 42 per cent in medicine, 27 per cent of magistrates, 31 per cent of lawyers and 40 per cent of university professors. He was thus limited to introducing measures against abuses. Original (en arabe) du texte integral du Code du statut personnel signé par Habib Bourguiba. The Code instituted for the first time in an Arab Muslim country the principle of the consent of the two spouses as a requirement for the validity of all marriages. In 1991 a law made compulsory the education of all children. Certainly, Tunisian public services are accessible to all without distinction of creed and the constitution guarantees religious freedom, so long as it does not threaten public order, but Islam remains the state religion, to the extent that it is said it is obligatory for the president of the republic to be able to assert it. Forums. From this point of view, the Code was not promulgated under any feminist pressure, that, when it existed, was usually directed to other ideals. Nous déclarons nulle et non avenue toute modification ou remises en question des droits de la femme qui sont figurés dans le Code du Statut Personnel. Article 89. In 1930, Tahar Haddad, himself influenced by the reformist current begun in the Nineteenth Century by Kheirredine Pasha, Ibn Ahmad ibn Abi Diyaf, Muhammad Snoussi, Salem Bouhageb, Mohamed Bayram V and other thinkers who all defended the concept of modernism, published "Our Women in Sharia and Society." Their members were integrated into the body of common law magistrates. The policy of Bourguiba lost its vitality in the 1970s. Furthermore, each of the measures taken in drawing up the Code was accompanied by justification provided from a liberal interpretation of Muslim law. Furthermore, from 1999 to 2004 job creation grew 3.21 per cent for women, with an average of 19,000 created each year. Qui est en ligne ? Radhia Haddad, wrote in her autobiography "Woman's Talk" : "On the eve of independence, the most ancient and the most blatant injustice was the condition of women.". The Union of women and the Union of girls belonging to the Communist party agitated especially in the social and labour domains. The Code was promulgated by Decree of 13 August 1956, which was published in the Journal Officiel de la République Tunisienne No. We should know that Tunisia celebrates two days dedicated to women: March 8, International Woman's Day and August 13, anniversary of the Code's promulgation which became a holiday, "National Woman's Day." Le Code du statut personnel tunisien ( CSP ) nécessite-t-il un amendement, 60 ans après sa promulgation, à la lumière de la Constitution de 2014? Il porte le nom de Magâlla. The Code, to the contrary, instituted a divorce procedure that "could not take place except before a court" which decided "the dissolution of the marriage." . Radhia Haddad écrit dans son autobiographie Parole de femme : The suppression of free expression and of political opposition tarnishes the country's reputation abroad. This is explained primarily by the fact that the number of girls per one hundred boys in primary school was 52 in 1965 and 83 in 1989. DANS LE NOUVEAU CODE TUNISIEN DU STATUT PERSONNEL (Loi no 59-77 du 19 juin 1959) Le Journal Officiel Tunisien des 23/26 juin 1959, dans sa double edition arabe et frangaise, a publie le texte d'une loi dont l'objet etait d'ajouter un article 143 bis au Livre IX, Moreover, the illiteracy rate of women ten years and older declined from 96.6 per cent in 1956 to 58.1 per cent in 1984 to 42.3 per cent in 1994 to 31 per cent in 2004; the masculine rate in 2004 was 21.2 per cent. 0000330105 00000 n Décret du 13 août 1956 (6 moharem 1376) portant promulgation du Code du Statut Personnel (J.O.T n° 104 du 28 Décembre 1956) Nature texte : Loi de promulgation . Finally, another prescription annulled the privilege of paternal grandparents to receive support payments for children. In practise, on September 14, 1965, Tunisia ratified the International Labour Organization's Convention number 111 concerning discrimination in the matter of employment and profession. However, concerning my duties and responsibilities, I am qualified to interpret religious law.". Le texte du code est paru dans les JORT n°s n° 20 des 3 et 6 mai 1966, 21 des 10 et ... - décret du 11 août 1937 portant statut des journalistes professionnels, - décret du 28 juillet 1938, rendant applicables à la Tunisie, les ... des droits du personnel salarié en cas de cession ou de transformation Soumettre une succession. Code du statut personnel (Tunisie) Proposé par : Cimoi 2 avril 2008 à 17:41 (CEST) Dans le cadre du projet Tunisie et du Wikiconcours, j'ai amélioré cet article qui présente de façon précise et synthétique le sujet.Au terme de son passage en BA, quelques détails ont été arrangés, si vous avez des suggestions ou des questions, elles sont bien sûr les bienvenues. Furthermore, women acquired the right to represent their children in several judicial procedures, to open and to manage a savings account for their benefit. The issue of virginity at marriage and the influence of religious preachers castigating on Middle Eastern television networks the Western way of life played an important role in this debate. Indeed, on this issue he could not refer to the Koran to justify himself, as the text is clear: "To sons, a part equal to that of two daughters." ", Relying in part on the support of Shayk Muhammad Fadl Ben Achour, who defended the Code's provisions as constituting the possible interpretation of Islam," a large number of religious authorities prudently fell silent or denounced the Code. Alerte Google : "code du statut personnel" Showing 1-31 of 31 messages. 0000327818 00000 n The feminist question is a recurring theme in Tunisia, more than in all the other countries of the Maghrib, and the country is from that point of view "atypical" of the region. Code du Statut Personnel - Tunisie. En vue de l’instauration de l’égalité entre hommes et femmes, le code du statut personnel (CSP) a été promulgué le 13 août 1956, cinq mois après l’indépendance de la Tunisie, constituant ainsi un acte avant-gardiste et émancipateur des femmes de la république Tunisienne. 5 Cependant le statut personnel ne fut pas intégré dans le code civil, comme c’est le cas dans le droit français, même s’il en faisait partie. L'article 61 du Code de statut personnel tunisien modifié par la loi du 18 janvier 1981, prévoit, pour que la tutelle du père soit effective, la perte de la garde par la mère si elle modifie sa résidence et s'installe « à une distance qui empêche le tuteur d'accomplir son devoir envers son pupille ». Les dispositions du présent chapitre seront applicables, nonobstant les exceptions prévues aux autres chapitres du présent code. This forced the religious authorities likewise to interpret the Koran in a way that accepted the fact that women could receive an education and participate in the social life of the country. 0000001021 00000 n )S�ӟ1X:T�U��i�9R�6;bn,� Besides, it is not always easy to apply laws in a rural milieu where girls are still restricted compared to boys. Vu Notre décret du 12 juillet 1956 (30 doulhidja 1375), fixant le statut personnel des Tunisiens non musulmans et non israélites, Vu Notre décret du 3 août 1956 (25 doulhidja 1375), portant modification de certains articles du Code tunisien de He gave women a unique place in Tunisian society, notably abolishing polygamy, creating a judicial procedure for divorce and requiring marriage to be performed only in the event of the mutual consent of both parties. CODE DU STATUT PERSONNELEn annexe, les textes réglementant :* L'état civil* Le régime de communauté des biens entre les époux* Le certificat médical pré Aller au contenu Les droits des enfants et des parents, d’abord ! 104 dated 28 December 1956. At the same time, the text obliged the wife who was in possession of goods to contribute to the family's expenses, so that the husband not have powers of administration over the wife's possessions. Later, in 1968, ratification of the ILO's convention number 100 instituted equality of treatment in employment of men and women for work of equal value. But then, in behaving this way one destroys at one blow the fervour and veneration that we all owe to the sacred. Vu Notre décret du 12 juillet 1956 (30 doulhidja 1375), fixant le statut personnel des Tunisiens non musulmans et non israélites, Vu Notre décret du 3 août 1956 (25 doulhidja 1375), portant modification de certains articles du Code tunisien de procédure civile, Vu l'avis du conseil des Ministres, In 1959, Safia Farhat and Bouzid co-founded the magazine Faiza, which, although it ceased publication in December 1969, remained famous in the Maghrib and more generally in Africa, as the first Arab-African feminine francophone magazine. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. This same court did not rule except in a case brought through the mutual consent of both spouses and in the case of the request of one of the partners as the result of harm of which that spouse was the victim. Décret du 13 août 1956, portant promulgation du Code du Statut Personnel. Soumettre une succession. He demonstrated there the possibility of compatibility between Islam and modernity. At the end of 1987, Zine el Abidine inherited a society shared between conservatives, who urged modification of the Code in a regressive sense, and modernists who wished its continuance to symbolize Tunisia's anchorage in modernity. During the presidential election, Ben Ali's program had the slogan, "Women's perspectives renewed.". [�ӓ�����Z%���o��6�W�$R3�ݛ>((O-�'�u��I᎕�g���� x�Q����ͱο@Т�w_ͱ�1�\���f��)�'$�ou�S����!���tSq�G41�:�E"�>M���۹tJ�y���n2�u�=1VX�(�>���qC�볦ͮaA\�-l��F���`���`?� 0�/�pے��i~�a �Z�i�~�U�:qB�Z�V��(�YӖ_:@���qՓ�fWP[kʖ&�"��_\}N�|Zx�w|�jN�`�r$�lƔ�[�i�n9F1FFk����g��O�N�V ���3��z6Q�*+�į)��ǧ��k�L�9��Myg+� �9�׈����:қ���Ǘ���S��?+s t�ށ��ҚJ*,܋:��z�z�B���]�h/"bNdd��O�"t)4>j?SJ��Fz�5-&5��&M���2�|mwcFCR�ε0|-�&2k�������b-y[��q�?J¡2N��! (speech delivered by Bourguiba at Tunis on October 15, 1959). L'un des époux ne peut revenir durant l'audience de jugement sur l'accord donné en conciliation qu'avec l'assentiment de l'autre conjoint. The reference to Islam, become almost ritual, even if there was also added the memory of the ancient Carthaginian past of the country in insisting on its cultural diversity, becomes more subdued by referring to speeches given between 1987 and 1989. returning to this speech, three major ideas dominate: praise of achieved and irreversible modernity, recognition of known societal advances, such as the passing of the extended family for the nuclear family, and the necessity to put into practice the advances in legal texts. Existing institutions sustained political parties, and although these rights were the subject of speeches, they were not then among political priorities. The hijab, little in use, made its appearance in the 2000s as a return to a mythical Arab Islamic authenticity, the influence of foreign television networks and the context following the attacks on September 11, 2001 could constitute a complementary explanation. Furthermore, it instituted an obligatory minimum age for marriages, fixed first at eighteen years for men and fifteen years for women, the precise text that: "Below this age marriage cannot be contracted, except by the special authorization of a judge who may not grant it, except for serious reasons and in the well understood interests of both spouses. 0000324479 00000 n Bourguiba himself yielded to the conservatives' wishes and in 1974 refused the pressure of his entourage and the majority of his government wanting to modify the law concerning equality in succession, which had instituted the equality of the sexes in relation to inheritance.

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