Some measurements are made using shipboard instruments, but satellites now provide the majority of global SST data. Sea surface temperatures influence weather, including hurricanes, as well as plant and animal life in the ocean. From 1901 through 2015, temperature rose at an average rate of 0.13°F per decade (see Figure 1). August mean SSTs show statistically significant warming trends for 1982-2020 in most regions of the … Sea surface temperature is the temperature of the top millimeter of the ocean's surface. These maps show the temperature at the surface of the world’s seas and oceans. Sicily sea surface temperature today Sea water temperature throughout Sicily is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 20°C/68°F. DOI: 10.25923/v0fs-m920 M. -L. Timmermans1 and Z. Labe2 1Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA 2Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA Highlights August mean sea surface temperatures (SSTs) in 2020 were ~1-3°C warmer than the 1982-2010 August mean over most of the Arctic Ocean. Color enhanced versions of Sea Surface Temperatures from GOES Imager. The Sea Surface Temperature (SST) of the ocean is indicated by measurements taken at depths that range from 1 millimeter to 20 meters. Both of those factors are affected by sea surface temperature and because of that, each species of offshore game fish has a sea surface temperature range they prefer and a wider range outside of which they will rarely be found. Along with the public release, an article describing the 5th version of the Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (ERSSTv5) dataset has been published in the Journal of Climate.. The northern Bering Sea area is from 60-65ºN and the eastern Bering Sea is from the AK Peninsula to 60ºN. The GOES-11 and 12 imagers observe both northern and southern hemisphere every half an hour. The warmest sea temperature in Sicily today is 18.4°C/65.1°F (in Linosa), and the coldest water temperature is 16.4°C/61.5°F (Mazara del Vallo). An update to a set of widely used ocean temperature data is now available from NOAA’s NCEI. Heat Water. Net Radiation. It was not a pretty sight; the various estimates covered a range of global average SSTs from ~14°C to almost 20°C. In addition, some … Sea surface temperature has been consistently higher during the past three decades than at any other time since reliable observations began in 1880 (see Figure 1). Emery, Sandra Castro G.A Wick Peter Schluessel Craig Donlon CCAR Box 431 NOAA/ETL EUMETSAT CEC – JRC ISPRA, U Colorado 325 Broadway Am Kavalleriesand Marine Environment Boulder, Co., 80309 Boulder, Co., 80303 64295 Darmstadt, I-21020 Ispra Germany ITALY Global Maps Jul 2006 — Jul 2020. The exact meaning of surface varies according to the measurement method used, but it is between 1 millimetre (0.04 in) and 20 metres (70 ft) below the sea surface. The new ERSST incorporates more comprehensive ocean surface temperature data collected since the last … These 5-band (0.6, 3.9, 6.7, 10.7, 12 or 13.3 micron) and 4-band (0.6, 3.9, 6.7, 10.7. or 13.3 micron) images are processed to retrieve SST retrievals at 4-km resolution. Sea surface temperature (SST) is the water temperature close to the ocean's surface. Like Earth's land surface, sea surface temperatures are warmer near the equator and colder near the poles. Estimating Sea Surface Temperature From Infrared Satellite and In Situ Temperature Data W.J. The top two panels of the graph include satellite-derived sea surface temperature data for the eastern and northern Bering Sea shelf (10m-200m). Ocean temperatures can influence weather, such as hurricane formation, and climate patterns, such as El Niño. Sea Surface Temperature. My last post compared actual sea-surface temperature (SST) estimates to one another to see how well they agreed. Background grey lines include daily temperatures for each year. Air masses in the Earth's atmosphere are highly modified by sea surface temperatures within a short distance of the shore. Sea Surface Temperature Charts to Find More Fish The location of fish is affected by fish comfort and the availability of food. The USGS has studied sea-surface temperature in many areas around the globe; you can find publications from these studies in the USGS Publications Warehouse and by searching on the Internet.. World maps and data are available from other agencies, particularly at the JPL OurOcean portal, at NOAA's Sea Surface Temperature website, and at the JPL Physical Oceanography Distributed Active … Sea surface temperature increased during the 20 th century and continues to rise.