Dr. David Q. Dawson | Faline | Winnie the Pooh (2018) | Strelitzia | Snow White | Iago | Evinrude | Fauna | Raiponce, le film le plus attendu de Disney pour l'hiver 2010, sort en salle mercredi 1er décembre 2010 ! Sven | Selphie Tilmitt | During his closing narration, Eugene implies that Rapunzel eventually ruled the Kingdom. Type of Hero Willie | However, after the Palace guards arrive, they quickly go into hiding. In response to a fan on a Tangled fanblog, Flynn's animators have said that he's 26. However, when one gets to know him, he is sensitive, laid-back and good-hearted. The Prince | Cavin | Wahb | Tom Sawyer | Data-Sora, Official Dr. Joshua Sweet | Ils ont choisi de moderniser l'histoire pour l'adapter au nouveau public[2]. Gopher | Big Mama | White Rabbit | Zeus, Other Square Enix Characters Huey, Dewey, and Louie | Eugene and Rapunzel about to share a kiss. Timon | Br'er Rabbit | Sparky | Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Copper | Grand Councilwoman | Morph | Lea | Jonathan Boy | Juliet Butler | Nanny | Captain Gantu | Peter Pan | Lars | Bambi | Rapunzel rushes to his side, but Eugene pleads with her not go through with it, preferring to die rather than let Rapunzel forever submit to Mother Gothel. Wing Commander Gutsy | Panchito Pistoles | Dr. Doppler | He even willingly gives the tiara to the Stabbington Brothers to keep them off their back (although he never quite loses his initial cockiness and tendency to cause mischief). Li Shang | Vitani | He pauses for a second, evidently confused and shocked, and is then mortally stabbed by Mother Gothel. Mouse King | Jaq | Gordon Bombay | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Larry | Li Shang | It's no secret that Tangled's Flynn Rider has been a favorite among Disney fans since his introduction in 2010. Emma | Magic Carpet | Domovoi "Dom" Butler | Prince Charming | FUNLMO Pretty Rapunzel Tiara Aurora Borealis Stone Sparkly Gold Tiara Princess Crown Tangled Costume Sweet Gift for Girls. Goofy | Pegasus | Max Goof | Dani Dennison | Beast | She joins Eugene at the altar as the bishop begins the ceremony, but Maximus sneezes and accidentally loses their wedding rings. Tick-Tock the Crocodile | El Chupacabra | Alistair Krei | Pip | Maggie | He regains consciousness, and jokingly asks Rapunzel, "Did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes?" Zack Fair. Inspector Fix | Prince Phillip | Rabbit | Jack-Jack Parr | Chicken Little | Hiro Hamada | Sarafina (2019) | La voix du personnage en version originale (américaine) est réalisée par l'acteur américain Zachary Levi, qui est aussi la voix chantée de Flynn (son duo avec Mandy Moore (VO de Raiponce), dans la chanson "Je veux y croire" ("I See the Light") est la première chanson enregistrée de l'acteur et ses débuts dans la voie musicale). Rolly | When Flynn met the lonesome girl in a remote tower, he was quite irritated to be coerced into taking her to see the Festival of Lights at the kingdom so that he could get back a valuable stolen tiara she had hidden from him. Angelique | Lauriam | Captain Phoebus | Frank Walker | https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Flynn_Rider?oldid=2098849. Share the best GIFs now >>> When his attempts to dissuade her fail, he uses a shard of a shattered mirror to cut Rapunzel's hair, which causes it to lose its power and turn brown. Rapunzel uses her hair to help him escape the cliff and the horse, but when Maximus damages the dam in order to reach them, the two are trapped in a cave, which begins filling rapidly with water. Bolt | Dinky and Boomer | Joshamee Gibbs | Flynn Rider Little John | Escort Rapunzel to see the lanterns in Corona in order to get back the lost crown and help Rapunzel escape from Gothel's abuse. Denahi | Kiara | He is knocked unconscious and tied to a boat, which is set to sail toward the Kingdom. He brings the boat to shore, and assures Rapunzel that he will return momentarily. Olaf | Wendy Darling | Fife | Kovu | Chip and Dale | Toughwood & Tailfeather | Sergeant Calhoun | Prince Rei | Master Eraqus | Le personnage de Flynn a reçu des critiques mitigées, les uns adorant son humour rafraîchissant, son côté rebelle et sarcastique le différenciant des autres Princes Disney, les autres le jugeant désagréable et narcissique. In the ending narration, he claims to have given up thieving. Mickey Mouse | Aramis | Colonel | Mike Wazowski | Mr. Meacham | Eugene is first shown standing at the altar of the wedding hall, awaiting his bride. cloueurs en Heroes of the Storm; liens externes. Aladar | John Smith | Queen Elsa | Philoctetes | However, when he climbs jubilantly through the tower window, he finds Rapunzel gagged and chained to the wall. Victor Frankenstein | Sarafina | Martin | Mushu | Morogo | Jasmine | Lieutenant Mattias | The next day, as he is taken to be hanged, he notices the Stabbington Brothers in their own cell. Cid Highwind | Colonel Haiti | Sort: Relevant Newest # happy # fun # excited # yay # exciting # teen wolf # tangled # zachary levi # flynn rider # stephen lunsford # smile # movies # eyebrows # tangled # grin Rapunzel tries desperately to save the dying Eugene by singing the healing incantation. Flynn's talents also include fencing, horseback riding, scaling and maneuvering over high walls and towers and "superhuman good looks", which unfortunately have no effect on Rapunzel. Diaval | Librement inspiré du personnage du Prince dans le conte original des Frères Grimm, « Raiponce » (Raspunzel), Flyyn Rider est un voleur recherché qui trouve refuge dans la tour de la jeune Raiponce alors qu'il est poursuivi pour avoir volé une couronne. Conall | Tinker Bell | Stitch | Blue Fairy | Ebenezer Scrooge | Flynn Rider Prefers Brunettes Shirt- The perfect Tangled shirt or Rapunzel shirt- Disney shirt for a Tangled birthday or Disney princess BestDayEvear. Hermes | Bandersnatch | John Smith | The conversation is cut short when they discover that the guards have pursued them into the passage. Atka | Kala | Pacha | L'origine de ces sessions est que les réalisateurs trouvaient le design de Raiponce impressionnant, et ils voulaient que "Flynn soit à la hauteur". Eeyore (2018) | Jenny Foxworth | Little Red Riding Hood | Eugene eventually ventured out on his own and grew up into a dashing swashbuckler and gifted horseman and took the name of his childhood hero, going by the alias Flynn Rider. Slue-Foot Sue | Simba | Terk | Buck Cluck | Le film est sorti le 24 novembre 2010 aux États-Unis et au Canada, le 1er décembre 2010 en Europe. Tramp | Sebastian | Darwin | Shadow | Peg Pete | Benny the Cab | Nick Parker | To accomplish this, the two organized what would infamously be known as the "Hot Man" meeting, where about 30 female employees were asked to imagine the most attractive male they could think of, with many results coming in the form of such personalities as David Beckham and Clark Gable. Zach | KH III Jaq and Gus | Goofy | Ienzo | Prince Charming | Flynn stumbles upon Rapunzel's tower and climbs it to escape the horse, only to be knocked out by Rapunzel. Queen Elsa | Zazu | Yao, Ling, and Chien Po | Maui | Elrena | James Norrington | Eugene stops her and, with his last breaths, tells Rapunzel that she was his new dream, to which she tells him, in reply, that he had been hers. However, as he begins to fall in love with Rapunzel, he transforms into a more compassionate, chivalrous and trustworthy person, and changes his priorities. Sir Gawain | Quasimodo | Cougar cubs | Nathaniel | Lorsqu'un des bandits les plus recherchés—et les plus charmants—du royaume, Flynn Rider (voix de Zachary Levi) se cache dans une tour mystérieuse, il est pris en otage par Raiponce (voix … Horace Horsecollar | Rapunzel corrects him, and he reaffirms that it is the happiest day of both their lives. Maximus | Li Shang | Cogsworth | Enlevée à sa naissance par la mère Gothel, Raiponce est élevée en ermite dans une tour afin que personne ne puisse voler son pouvoir magique. Baymax | Lucy Pevensie | Madeline Robin | Giles Winslow Sr. | Ballerina | Flynn Rider, de son vrai nom Eugène Fitzherbert, est un voleur notoire, qui se retrouve forcé à aider Raiponce. Terence | Hector Barbossa | Captain Phoebus | Donald Duck | Joshamee Gibbs | Cody | Rosetta | Mr. Magoo | Stealing items (formerly)Spending time with Rapunzel Pinocchio | Chance | Megara | Maurice (2017) | Ranjan | China Girl | Silvermist | Pete | Henrietta | Captain Jack Sparrow | Jetstream | Flowers | Genie | Sassy | Yar | Mayor of Halloween Town | Percy | Ansem the Wise | Blade Ranger | Spirit Dream Eaters | Flora | Prudence | Sitka | Mrs. Ladybug | Piglet | The Gump | Hua Mulan | Gwen Piper | Allison | Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei | Sparky | A moment before kissing Rapunzel, Eugene is distracted by the sight of the Stabbington Brothers on the shore, and appears to come to a conclusion about his satchel. Shane Wolfe | Prince Eric | Magic Carpet (2019) | Buck | Rapunzel | Juarez | Mama Odie | KnowsMore | Holt Farrier | Neera | Eugene, along with Rapunzel, appears in this short sequel to the film, in which the two are preparing themselves for their royal wedding. Princess Marie | Mowgli | Brain | Everything he ever wanted, however, quickly lost its appeal in the days he met Rapunzel. The Sultan (2019) | Esmeralda | Bianca | Koda | Timon (2019) | Jim Hawkins | Kessie | Au cours du périple, Flynn change d'état d'esprit en même temps qu'il tombe progressivement amoureux de Raiponce. Anastasia Tremaine | The Pub Thugs and Maximus arrive and help Eugene escape prison, and he and Maximus rush off to save Rapunzel. Nick Wilde | Terk | Basil of Baker Street | Be Unique. Darkwing Duck | Thunderbolt | Principal Powers | Dodger | Susan Pevensie | He is awestruck at the sight of Rapunzel in her wedding attire as her father, the King, walks her down the center aisle. Tip and Dash | Grand Councilwoman | The Peddler | Morgana Macawber | Sally | Lance Strongbow | Phillip Hoffman | Maid Marian | Alice Kingsleigh | Pocahontas | The Lone Ranger | Eric | Mufasa (2019) | La voix française de Flynn Rider est Romain Duris dans le film, puis Alexis Victor pour le court-métrage. Winnie the Pooh | Rita | Jack Skellington | Evelyn Robin | Bambi | Bob | Georgette | Max Keeble | As Flynn cast aside his cares for treasure and solitude he realized his old dream had been replaced by a new one. He was voiced by Zachary Levi, who also portrayed Shazam in Shazam!, and Toby Seville from Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. Santa Claus | Mooch | She begins to sob, letting a single tear fall onto his cheek. Gale, Live-Action Movies Dylan Piper | Disney Princesses (Anna | Ariel | Aurora | Belle | Cinderella | Jasmine | Rapunzel) | Baloo (2016) | Anastasia Tremaine | Oscar Diggs | Mother Ginger | Bog King, Sequels Flynn's plans are foiled again, however, when he is recognized and the thugs fight over who will receive the reward for his capture. Miguel Rivera, Original Characters Eugene begins to understand her feelings, and begins to show more compassion and affection towards her as a result. Prince Eugene, Unofficial Marianne | Sora | Stan & Carmine | That night, Eugene takes Rapunzel out on the water in a rowboat to see the lights. Flynn loses sight of the importance of becoming rich as he fights to be with Rapunzel. Cloak & Camo | Mickey Mouse (Sorcerer Mickey) | Hamish, Hubert, & Harris, Others Borra | Big Hero 6 (Baymax | Fred |Go Go Tomago | Hiro Hamada | Honey Lemon | Wasabi) | Mrs. Potts (2017) | Grace | Fix-It Felix, Jr. | Neewa | White Queen | Commander Tung | Mice (2015) | Rhino | Attina | Nanni Baldini, en Le monde des acteurs de la voix, AntonioGenna.net. King Louie | Sunny | Windlifter, Shorts, TV Shows, Comics and Video Games He eventually became close to having everything he ever wanted, despite being on the run from almost every person in the valley. The tear, which is the original drop of sunshine which created the magic flower that healed her mother, shines as it dissolves into the skin and heals Eugene's chest wound, reviving him. Mad Hatter | Tadashi Hamada | Kristoff | Voleur, c'est un véritable anti-héros[5],[6]. Santa Claus | Fifi | Piglet (2018) | Bugsy | Baker | Razoul | Sunni Gummi | En 2010, il prête sa voix à la version originale du film d'animation Disney pour le personnage masculin principal, Flynn Rider dans Raiponce (Tangled), film basé sur le très célèbre conte du même nom. Mother Gothel rapidly ages and dies without the magic from Rapunzel's hair. Apollo | Arthur Pendragon | Thomas | Lilo Pelekai | Yen Sid | Dr. Brenda Bradford | King Hubert | Caterpillar | Chip Potts (2017) | Grand Duke | Sparky | Launchpad McQuack | Yelana | Tick-Tock the Crocodile | Sheik Amar | With time, however, the designs were changed and the directors of the film (Nathan Greno and Byron Howard) wanted to design the character as strikingly attractive. Widow Tweed | Ariel | Duchess | Roger Rabbit | Arthur Pendragon | Baboons | Taran | Mortimer Mouse | Flynn Rider Eugene TANGLED Rapunzel Knit Set Disneyworld Disney Cruise Costume Play Dress Up Princess Prince Disney Belle Set Matching Boys SixPrincesses. Kronk | Maru | Fa Mulan | Cependant, tant sa relation romantique-comédiesque avec Raiponce que les performances vocales des parties chantées ont été acclamées. Wasabi | Natalie Magary | Tito | Ventus, Disney Characters He was one of the key elements that made Tangled a level above it's predecessor Disney movies. Bullyland Flynn Rider Action Figure. Flynn Rider | Aerith Gainsborough | Victor, Hugo, & Laverne | Meeko | Wreck-It Ralph | Ki | Eugene FitzherbertHorace (birth name) Cloud Strife | Captain | Prince Edward | Eugene Fitzherbert, better known as Flynn Rider, is the deuteragonist of the Tangled franchise. Popeye | Pluto | Yo Yo Flamingo | Emperor Kuzco | Bongo the Bear | Jack Skellington | However, unable to see anything in the darkness, he admits defeat and the two huddle together in the rising water, believing that they are about to die. Phileas Fogg | Artemis Fowl I | Mr. Centipede | Sweet Polly Purebred | Donald Duck | Valiant | Will Stronghold | Flynn really broke out of the mold of boring and backstory-less Disney men and is really one of the most engaging characters… Max | Tod | Kerchak | Cri-Kee | Friend Owl | Dans cette version, Flynn a été conçu pour être un compagnon de route pour "atteindre son objectif."[3],[4]. Cheshire Cat | Ryan | Alice Liddell | Moogles (Mog) | Eugene Fitzherbert, better known as Flynn Rider, is the deuteragonist of the Tangled franchise. Ted Johnson | Olive Oyl | Remy | Jane Porter | Chief Tui | Huey, Dewey, and Louie | Blaster | Max Dennison | Nala (2019) | Figaro | Rollo | While they wait for the lights, Rapunzel expresses her apprehension about finally living her dream, and Eugene reassures her and encourages her to find a new dream afterward. Khan | Jinmay | Taran | Kevin Flynn | Perri | Bambi | Raksha | Tron | Shop flynn rider t-shirts created by independent artists from around the globe. Suri | Nanni carte Baldini sur les voix des acteurs italiens, doppiatoriitaliani.com. Bambi's Mother | Jack Conroy | Louis the Alligator | Eugene went back to his birth name, stopped thieving, and married Rapunzel a few years later. Peter Pan | Vidia | Princess Calla | Fish Out of Water | As the short opens, Flynn starts off the story by joking "This is the story of the day my life ended" as a nod to the original film's opening. Riku Replica | Lady Kluck | Billina | Hiram Flaversham | Abigail Chase | Owl | Dawn | Prince Charming (2015) | Kristoff | En prenant la fuite, il parvient à les semer et à faire cavalier seul, les trahissant. John Rolfe | Aurora (2014) | Gopher | Ruby | Toaster | Dumbo (2019) | James P. Sullivan | Carol Newman-Calvin | The process ultimately led to the final design of Flynn Rider. Wakka | Rabbit | The pair flee, but are cornered atop a cliff in a canyon made from a dammed river, hotly pursued by Flynn's two enemies: the guards and the Stabbington brothers. Benji | Mrs. Jumbo | Scuttle | Megara | Aggie Cromwell | Flynn is able to fight off the guards by using Rapunzel's frying pan, but is bested in a sword duel with Maximus the horse. Bruton | Hiroshi … Abigail and Amelia Gabble | Aladdin | Hercules | Movie: Tangled Franchise: Tangled. LoyalIn LoveRevived, RapunzelPascalMaximusPub ThugsStabbington Brothers (formerly)VarianCassandraLance Strongbow (best friend)XavierFidellaPete and StanAngry and RedHook FootWillowVexCaptain QuaidLorbsSeraphinaSoraDonald DuckGoofy, Mother GothelThe Stabbington Brothers (formerly)Maximus (formerly)Captain of the Guards (formerly)Royal Guard (formerly)Lady CaineBaronAndrewMrs. Granny Rose | FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Raksha (2016) | King Triton's Daughters (Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, & Andrina) | Mittens | Master Eraqus | Akela (2016) | Elizabeth Swann | Tantor | Michael Darling | Zephyr | Data-Naminé | Fflewddur Fflam | Plio | Charlotte La Bouff | | Pistol Pete | Elizabeth James | Holly Short | Zero (Holes) | Family John Darling | Lucky | Sergeant Tibbs | Paine | Other adventures such as "Jewel Heist" would demonstrate examples of Rider's exceptional skills as a thief, despite his failure to avoid trouble at all costs during his thefts. Ages: 36 months - 14 years. Bruni | He appears to have been graciously accepted by the King and Queen. Flynn a été imaginé par les réalisateurs Nathan Greno et Byron Howard, parce qu'ils sentaient que Raiponce avait besoin d'un guide pour l'escorter hors de sa tour. Olivia Flaversham | In the short, "Crashimus Maximus", Flynn escapes the royal guards, though his real threat proves to be Maximus, revealing a history together even before the crown heist. Judy Hopps | Gabriella Montez | Ethan | The BFG | Many years later, Flynn is on the run from the law after stealing the crown of the lost princess and deserting his former partners the Stabbington Brothers. Honeymaren Natura | Foaly | Simba | D'Artagnan | 2019 Kingdom Hearts III (Video Game) Flynn Rider (English version, voice, as Zac Levi) Milly and Joe Farrier | He agrees with her that everything is perfect except for the fact that his nose is still incorrectly drawn. Miss Eglantine Price | Marnie Piper | Andrina | Gruffi Gummi | Pascal | Radio | Hobby Maximus | Ursula Stanhope | Murgatroid the Snake | Flynn est conçu comme un voleur parfaitement à l'opposé de l'idée qu'on se fait habituellement d'un Prince, c'est un personnage décalé, avec ses imperfections, et très humoristique. As the kingdom celebrates the return of the lost princess, the two are shown together, both wearing nicer clothing and clearly still in love. Moki | Eugene and Rapunzel finally realize their love for one another, and nearly kiss. Aladdin | Rebecca Cunningham | Nick Wilde | Eugene is nearly captured again by Maximus, but Rapunzel—with the help of Pascal—is able to befriend the horse and makes the two forge a reluctant alliance for the next twenty-four hours, during which Maximus will not get Eugene arrested. Coach Boomer | With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Flynn Rider animated GIFs to your conversations. James Henry Trotter | As an experienced thief, he is skilled in escaping the authorities, hiding out and stealing right from under people's noses. In "Barrel Blast", Flynn breaks into the castle dungeon as the Stabbington Brothers (who he betrayed yet again) are being sent to their cells, but only for the priceless piece of riches they still had. Robin Hood | Tigger | Zachary Levi est un acteur, producteur, chanteur et réalisateur américain. White Fang | Wreck-It Ralph | Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit | Dexter Reilly | Jenny Blake | Moana Waialiki | Goodtime Charlie | Zugor | Geppetto | Lampy | Eugene accompanies Rapunzel during her return to the Kingdom, as she has discovered that she has been its lost princess, and witnesses her reunion with her parents. Fairy Godmother (2015) | Naminé | Boo | Giselle | When the two emerge onto the banks of a river in the forest, Eugene is clearly unsettled and even alarmed by Rapunzel's glowing hair. Blag | He attempts to make peace with the Stabbington Brothers by giving them the satchel and the crown inside and tries to leave. Kevin Flynn | Kiara | Winifred | Sally | Breaking free from the guards momentarily, he confronts them, forcing them to reveal that Mother Gothel has told them about Rapunzel and her hair. Fairy Godmother | Friends/Allies Beast (2017) | Aurora | Flynn is chased by the Captain of the Guard's horse Maximus whom he has unsuccessfully tried to commandeer. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit | The Sultan | Eric | Ventus | Quorra | Commander Julius Root | Riley Poole | Chip and Dale | Tarzan | King Edmund ordered for a kingdom-wide evacuation to protect his subjects from the opal's destructive power—including Eugene, who was escorted out of the kingdom by a servant woman and later placed in an orphanage. Cogsworth | Raiponce est l'héroïne du long métrage éponyme de 2010, produit par les studios Disney. Ryder Nattura | Peter Pan | Grand Duke | Tummi Gummi | TTS/Teenager Urchin | Water Rat | Tik-Tok | Pegasus | Mercury | Son véritable nom est Eugene Fitzherbert. Jock (2019) | Flynn est même considéré comme étant le héros Disney le plus attirant par Vanity Fair, E! Sara Jean Reynolds | Lorsque Flynn Rider, le bandit le plus recherché du royaume, se réfugie dans une mystérieuse tour, il se retrouve pris en otage par Raiponce, une belle jeune fille à l’impressionnante chevelure de 20 mètres de long. Gabriella | The more Eugene read it, the more he dreamed of a more audacious lifestyle and decided to break out of his orphan upbringing. Captain Jack Sparrow | Howard cite l'acteur américain Clark Gable et le footballeur anglais David Beckham parmi les célébrités qui ont influencé les caractéristiques du personnages. Marshmallow | Dave Douglas | Horace Horsecollar | Chief Bogo | Wardrobe | Tinker Bell | Gurgi | Ethan Dalloway | Magenta | Abu (2019) | Sarabi (2019) | Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff | Monker Muddlefoot | Pour défendre la personnalité de Flynn Rider, Levi explique qu'il a "bon cœur, dans le fond. Vultures | Jiminy Cricket | Yao, Ling and Chien Po | Razoul | Abu | Jill Young | Mayor of Halloween Town | Djali | Hurley | Prince Edward | Aslan | Bobby and Clank | Eugene Fitzherbert / Flynn Rider Raiponce - La série; Thomas en Jours adolescents; Jeu vidéo. Rafiki (2019) | Dixie | Url | Pinocchio | Kanga | L'acteur conclut en disant que "ces deux personnages sont très différents, mais finalement ils apprennent beaucoup l'un de l'autre au cours de cette folle aventure. Long John Silver | Frank Wilson | Aladdin | Timothy Q. Scat Cat | Data-Naminé | Annette, Collette and Danielle | Chip Potts | Magic Carpet | "[8] D'après Colin Covert de Star Tribune, Flynn "a enseigné le courage à Raiponce. Angus McBadger | Runt of the Litter | Iago | Cogsworth (2017) | The orphan children looked up to him greatly and he was something of an older brother to them. Phillip Brainard | Animated Features An overjoyed Rapunzel then embraces him jubilantly, and the two share their first kiss at last. Artemis Fowl | March Hare | Toby Turtle | Cobra Bubbles | Terra (Lingering Will) | Raiponce est un film d'animation américain, inspiré de l'adaptation du conte éponyme Raiponce des frères Grimm, réalisé par Byron Howard et Nathan Greno. Mother Gothel attempts to flee with the captive Rapunzel, leaving him there to die. Robin Hood | Sergeant Calhoun | Marie | Henry Casey | Cleo | Perdita | Abu | Nani Pelekai | Mulch Diggums | Lightning | Eugene smiles and dies, leaving a heartbroken Rapunzel to hopelessly finish the healing incantation. Zummi Gummi | Timon | Anastasia Tremaine (2015) | Owl | Data-Sora | Seven Dwarfs (Doc, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy & Dopey) | Dr. Finkelstein | L’étonnante geôlière de Flynn cherche un moyen de sortir de cette tour où elle est enfermée depuis des années. Eugene Fitzherbert was born to King Edmund and his wife, rulers of the Dark Kingdom. SugarbyVarian (formerly)StalyanMother and FatherTromusHeartlessNobodiesMarluxiaCassandra (formerly).