Magyar cím. In television, film, theater, writing, and producing, DeWanda Wise has established herself as one of the industry's most exciting talents. We don't have DVD rights. Lung-metrajul She's Gotta Have It i-a adus regizorului Spike Lee popularitate la scara mondiala si a fost unul dintre primele ce au plasat in centrul actiunii o tanara si inteligenta femeie de culoare - Nola Darling (Tracy Camila Johns). At the mall, Nola purchases some scented candles and also manages to get When Spike Lee’s debut feature film She’s Gotta Have It premiered in 1986, it did more than just herald the arrival of a film visionary. In 2010, the film was digitized in High Definition (1080i) and broadcast on MGM HD. */ jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnail_0").removeClass("bwg_slideshow_thumb_active_0").addClass("bwg_slideshow_thumb_deactive_0"); jQuery("#bwg_filmstrip_thumbnail_" + bwg_current_key_0 + "_0").removeClass("bwg_slideshow_thumb_deactive_0").addClass("bwg_slideshow_thumb_active_0"); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_dots_0").removeClass("bwg_slideshow_dots_active_0").addClass("bwg_slideshow_dots_deactive_0"); jQuery("#bwg_dots_" + bwg_current_key_0 + "_0").removeClass("bwg_slideshow_dots_deactive_0").addClass("bwg_slideshow_dots_active_0"); if (bwg_testBrowser_cssTransitions_0()) { jQuery(next_image_class).css('transition', 'opacity ' + bwg_transition_duration_0 + 'ms linear'); jQuery(current_image_class).css({'opacity' : 0, 'z-index': 1}); jQuery(next_image_class).css({'opacity' : 1, 'z-index' : 2}); bwg_change_watermark_container_0(); } else { jQuery(current_image_class).animate({'opacity' : 0, 'z-index' : 1}, bwg_transition_duration_0); jQuery(next_image_class).animate({ 'opacity' : 1, 'z-index': 2 }, { duration: bwg_transition_duration_0, complete: function () { bwg_change_watermark_container_0(); } }); /* For IE. Nola Darling. [4], Following the film's release, media attention was drawn to Brooklyn, and to its artists and musicians. In a monologue delivered to the camera, Nola reveals that her vow of celibacy and her decision to be with Jamie exclusively was "a moment of weakness". Filmworks is casting feature film, entitled “alaskaLand”, a story about a young, Nigerian-American male that must figure out how to navigate between these competing identities in his hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. The 2017 Nola Darling SHOULD be a hot mess, because I’m a hot ass mess, and every Black woman I know who is trying to reclaim herself, is a hot ass mess too. Tracy Camilla Johns was born on April 12, 1963 in Queens, New York, USA. A good friend of mine, a true Queen, Chinonye Chukwu is making a film and has an OPEN CASTING CALL! Nola's musician father, Sonny Darling (Bill Lee), notes that Nola was an only child who had many interests, but never stuck with anything for too long. Tracy Camilla Johns (born April 12, 1963) is an American film actress. 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks, Afro-American Movie, black film, black movie, blackmovie, dvd, film afro-américain, film black, film noir, filmblack, Joie Lee, Nola Darling, Nola Darling n’en fait qu’a sa tête (1986), She’s Gotta Have It (1986), Spike Lee, streaming, Tommy Redmond Hicks, Tracy Camilla Johns, vod. Nola dumps Greer and Mars and tells Jamie that she is ready for a monogamous relationship. "[6], Filming was completed in twelve days during the summer of 1985 on a budget of $175,000. */ return jQuery('').css({ display : "block", width : width, height : height, top : top, left : left, backgroundImage : 'url("' + src + '")', backgroundColor: jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_image_wrap_0").css("background-color"), /*backgroundColor: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0),*/ backgroundRepeat: 'no-repeat', backgroundPosition : img_left + 'px ' + img_top + 'px', backgroundSize : imgWidth + 'px ' + imgHeight + 'px', transition : 'all ' + bwg_transition_duration_0 + 'ms ease-in-out ' + delay + 'ms', transform : 'none' }); } /* Get the current slide's image. Film. Titled after the 1986 film, we follow Nola Darling, a young Black female graphic Brooklyn-based artist who is a self-proclaimed “sex-positive, polyamorous pansexual.” Eredeti cím. In the end of this season there is a lesson, the over arching message for me is that, the world will bend to your authenticity. */ jQuery("#bwg_slideshow_image_container_0").find("iframe").each(function () { jQuery(this)[0].contentWindow.postMessage('{"event":"command","func":"pauseVideo","args":""}', '*'); jQuery(this)[0].contentWindow.postMessage('{ "method": "pause" }', "*"); jQuery(this)[0].contentWindow.postMessage('pause', '*'); }); if (data_0[key]) { if (jQuery('.bwg_ctrl_btn_0').hasClass('fa-pause')) { bwg_play_0(); } if (!from_effect) { /* Change image key. Who is Nola Darling? Most of the time the thing that holds Nola up from being her best self is, … Watch all you want. Plot. "DOMMouseScroll" : "mousewheel"; /* FF doesn't recognize mousewheel as of FF3.x */ jQuery('.bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_0').bind(mousewheelevt, function(e) { var evt = window.event || e; /* Equalize event object. The first season of She’s Gotta Have It did a pretty good job of staying true to Spike Lee’s 1986 film while giving us a Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise) for the modern age. [2] Filmed on a small budget and Lee's first feature-length film, it earned positive reviews and launched Lee's career. In dieser Serie von Spike Lee nach dessen Filmhit tut sich Nola Darling schwer, sich selbst und ihren Träumen treu zu bleiben und drei Lover unter einen Hut zu bringen. */ tx = tx === 'auto' ? */ setTimeout(function () { jQuery(".bwg_slider_0").css({ transition: 'all ' + bwg_transition_duration_0 + 'ms ease-in-out', transform: 'translateZ(-' + tz + 'px) rotateX('+ wrx +'deg) rotateY('+ wry +'deg)' }); }, 20); /* After transition. I viewed you as a damsel in distress and an emotionally unaware creature, like so many of us. - contWidth : tx; ty = ty === 'auto' ? [4], She's Gotta Have It was Lee's first feature-length motion picture as a writer/director and is a landmark independent film of American cinema. ... inspired by Lee's 1986 film of the same name. Nola Darling n'en fait qu'à sa tête est un film réalisé par Spike Lee avec Joie Lee, Tracy Camilla Johns. */ var delta = evt.detail ? Her carefree, sexually liberated lifestyle ultimately comes to an end when her three male suitors meet and compare notes on Nola. It made light of rape, and that’s the one thing I would take back. Nola is attracted to the best in each of them, but refuses to commit to any of them, cherishing her personal freedom instead, while each man wants her for himself. Directed by Spike Lee. [18], On September 15, 2016, Netflix announced a deal to produce a series based on the film, with Lee returning to direct the first season and serve as executive producer. */ var dimension = jQuery(current_image_class).width() / 2; if (direction == 'right') { bwg_cube_0(dimension, dimension, 0, 0, 90, 0, -90, current_image_class, next_image_class, direction); } else if (direction == 'left') { bwg_cube_0(dimension, -dimension, 0, 0, -90, 0, 90, current_image_class, next_image_class, direction); } } /* For browsers that does not support transitions. It was also a groundbreaking film for African-American filmmakers and a welcome change in the representation of blacks in American cinema, depicting men and women of color not as pimps and whores, but as intelligent, upscale urbanites. For a film class final project, I decided to redo the trailer for Spike Lee's film "She's Gotta Have It." Développement. */ jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_image_container_0").height(jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_image_wrap_0").height() - 0); var mousewheelevt = (/Firefox/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) ? Durée : 84 mn With DeWanda Wise, Anthony Ramos, Lyriq Bent, Cleo Anthony. Bruckner, wrote of the film in 1986, that it “stripped of some of the distractions of this presentation, their story has a touch of the classic. While having rough sex, Jamie mockingly asks her if he's as good sexually as Greer or Mars. Titre: Nola Darling n’en fait qu’a sa tete, Réalisateur : Spike Lee Tracy Camilla Johns, beautifully portraying the wonderfully developed character, Nola Darling, is perfectly cast as the independent black woman who, in her quest to be sexually independent, realizes this is an uphill journey when dealing with men who still have traditional ideas about women and their roles. It follows the story of one Brooklynite Nola Darling as she simultaneously dates three different men, refusing to commit or to be 'posessed' by one of them. rowAdd : rowRemainder; newRowHeight += add; newRowRemainder -= add; } /* Create & append gridlet to grid. */ jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_left_0").trigger("click"); } else { /* Scroll down. Staffel 2 ab 24. 'touchend' : 'click'; bwg_popup_resize_0(); jQuery("#bwg_container1_0").css({visibility: 'visible'}); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_watermark_0").css({display: 'none'}); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_title_text_0").css({display: 'none'}); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_description_text_0").css({display: 'none'}); setTimeout(function () { bwg_change_watermark_container_0(); }, 500); /* Set image container height. */ window.setTimeout(function(){ if (jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").position().left == 0) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_left_0").css({opacity: 0.3, filter: "Alpha(opacity=30)"}); } }, 500); }); /* Set filmstrip initial position. Let’s just say Ms. Nola is one BOLD chick! Spike Lee's comments about Nola Darling becoming a Jehovah's Witness. */ jQuery(current_image_class).fadeTo(bwg_transition_duration_0, 0); jQuery(next_image_class).fadeTo(bwg_transition_duration_0, 1); } } function bwg_grid_0(cols, rows, ro, tx, ty, sc, op, current_image_class, next_image_class, direction) { /* If browser does not support CSS transitions. Their story would be more enjoyable in a more polished film, but it has a power that is not dissipated by this one's weaknesses.”[12], John Simon of the National Review called She's Gotta Have It a "cutesy, trivial sex carrousel". She is best known for her feature film debut in the leading role as Nola Darling, a young, liberated black woman in Spike Lee's 1986 film She's Gotta Have It. */ window.setTimeout(function(){ if (jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").position().left == -(jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").width() - jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_0").width())) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_right_0").css({opacity: 0.3, filter: "Alpha(opacity=30)"}); } }, 500); }); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_left_0").on(bwg_click, function () { jQuery( ".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0" ).stop(true, false); if (jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").position().left < 0) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_right_0").css({opacity: 1, filter: "Alpha(opacity=100)"}); if (jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").position().left > - 2) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").animate({left: 0}, 500, 'linear'); } else { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").animate({left: (jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").position().left + 2)}, 500, 'linear'); } } /* Disable left arrow. Nola Darling, the fictional Brooklyn-based artist who animated Spike Lee’s 1986 film of the same name, had found a new love worth pursuing: the principle of honesty. Created by Spike Lee. Starring: Tracy ... Black Lives Matter Collection. */ if (colRemainder > 0) { var add = colRemainder >= colAdd ? */ jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_right_0").trigger("click"); } return false; }); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_right_0").on(bwg_click, function () { jQuery( ".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0" ).stop(true, false); if (jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").position().left >= -(jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").width() - jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_0").width())) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_left_0").css({opacity: 1, filter: "Alpha(opacity=100)"}); if (jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").position().left < -(jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").width() - jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_0").width() - 2)) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").animate({left: -(jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").width() - jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_0").width())}, 500, 'linear'); } else { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").animate({left: (jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_filmstrip_thumbnails_0").position().left - 2)}, 500, 'linear'); } } /* Disable right arrow. */ function bwg_fallback3d_0(current_image_class, next_image_class, direction) { bwg_sliceV_0(current_image_class, next_image_class, direction); } function bwg_none_0(current_image_class, next_image_class, direction) { jQuery(current_image_class).css({'opacity' : 0, 'z-index': 1}); jQuery(next_image_class).css({'opacity' : 1, 'z-index' : 2}); bwg_change_watermark_container_0(); /* Set active thumbnail. People were encouraged to investigate the area's public spaces and viewers in other places investigated similar thriving public spaces of community importance. */ grid.children().first().addClass('rs-top-left'); grid.children().last().addClass('rs-bottom-right'); grid.children().eq(rows - 1).addClass('rs-bottom-left'); grid.children().eq(- rows).addClass('rs-top-right'); /* Execution steps. */ jQuery("#bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0").on(bwg_click, function () { if (jQuery(".bwg_ctrl_btn_0").hasClass("fa-play")) { bwg_play_0(); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0").attr("title", "Pause"); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0").attr("class", "bwg_ctrl_btn_0 bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0 fa fa-pause"); if (0) { document.getElementById("bwg_audio_0").play(); } } else { /* Pause. */ window.clearInterval(bwg_playInterval_0); /* Set watermark container size. Realizing that Greer and Mars are too scared of losing Nola to force her to choose one of them, Jamie tells her that she must choose a single lover. Nola idealizes the freedom to have multiple sexual partners that men have typically enjoyed. Starring: DeWanda Wise, Cleo Anthony, Lyriq Bent. */ function bwg_change_watermark_container_0() { jQuery(".bwg_slider_0").children().each(function() { if (jQuery(this).css("zIndex") == 2) { var bwg_current_image_span = jQuery(this).find("img"); if (!bwg_current_image_span.length) { bwg_current_image_span = jQuery(this).find("iframe"); } if (!bwg_current_image_span.length) { bwg_current_image_span = jQuery(this).find("video"); } var width = bwg_current_image_span.width(); var height = bwg_current_image_span.height(); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_watermark_spun_0").width(width); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_watermark_spun_0").height(height); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_title_spun_0").width(width); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_title_spun_0").height(height); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_description_spun_0").width(width); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_description_spun_0").height(height); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_watermark_0").css({display: ''}); if (jQuery.trim(jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_title_text_0").text())) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_title_text_0").css({display: ''}); } if (jQuery.trim(jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_description_text_0").text())) { jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_description_text_0").css({display: ''}); } } }); } var bwg_current_key_0 = '0'; var bwg_current_filmstrip_pos_0 = 0; /* Set filmstrip initial position. NOLA DARLING N’EN FAIT QU’A SA TÊTE (1986), Nola Darling n’en fait qu’a sa tête (1986). She is in relationships with three men: the polite and well-meaning Jamie Overstreet, the self-obsessed model Greer Childs and the immature Mars Blackmon. Also appearing are cinematographer Ernest Dickerson as a Queens, New York, resident and, in an early appearance, S. Epatha Merkerson as a doctor. Nola Darling n'en fait qu'à sa tête modifier Nola Darling n'en fait qu'à sa tête (She's Gotta Have It) est une série télévisée américaine en 19 épisodes d'environ 32 minutes créée par Spike Lee , d'après le film du même nom , et diffusée en deux saisons le 23 novembre 2017 et le 24 mai 2019 sur Netflix . In its second season, the show creates its own narrative by diving into Nola’s career and artistic authenticity, rather than focusing on her love life. The new film will be the streaming platform’s fourth collaboration with Lee. Lee portrayed the neighborhood as a vibrant cosmopolitan community where successful African Americans thrived, focusing not only on Nola and her struggles, but also on local children, residents, and graffiti. With Tracy Camilla Johns, Tommy Redmond Hicks, John Canada Terrell, Spike Lee. Nola Darling is a young, attractive Brooklynite who juggles three suitors: the polite and well-meaning Jamie Overstreet; the self-obsessed model Greer Childs; and the immature, motor-mouthed Mars Blackmon. [7], That wasn't enough to get the movie through post-production, so a rough cut screening happened at NYU. The final budget was $175,000, and the resulting release was profitable ($7.1 million domestically). Nola Darling struggles to stay true to herself and her dreams while juggling three lovers in this Spike Lee series based on his breakout film. */ current_key = jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_thumb_active_0").children("img").attr("image_key"); } else if (current_key == '-2') { /* Dots. evt.detail*(-40) : evt.wheelDelta; /* Check for detail first, because it is used by Opera and FF. From the Academy Award® winner Spike Lee, She's Gotta Have It returns May 24, only on Netflix. Nola Darling (She's Gotta Have It) színes és fekete-fehér, amerikai Vígjáték, Romantikus, 88 perc, 1986. Nola Darling (19 episodes, 2017-2019) Anthony Ramos. Watch all you want. These people are not victims of blind forces; they make choices, defend them and grow in understanding, not always happily, as a result. Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports a 91% score based on 32 reviews, with an average rating of 7/10. “A woman (or, at least Nola) can be a sexual being, doesn’t have to belong to a man, and perhaps shouldn’t even wish for such a thing.”[3] Nola's voice has been described as the most revolutionary element in the film, a representation of the struggle African American women faced in society at the time. */ bwg_playInterval_0 = setInterval(function () { var iterator = 1; if (1) { iterator = Math.floor((data_0.length - 1) * Math.random() + 1); } bwg_change_image_0(parseInt(jQuery('#bwg_current_image_key_0').val()), (parseInt(jQuery('#bwg_current_image_key_0').val()) + iterator) % data_0.length, data_0) }, '5000'); } jQuery(window).focus(function() { /* event_stack_0 = [];*/ if (!jQuery(".bwg_ctrl_btn_0").hasClass("fa-play")) { bwg_play_0(); } var i_0 = 0; jQuery(".bwg_slider_0").children("span").each(function () { if (jQuery(this).css('opacity') == 1) { jQuery("#bwg_current_image_key_0").val(i_0); } i_0++; }); }); jQuery(window).blur(function() { event_stack_0 = []; window.clearInterval(bwg_playInterval_0); }); Article Ciné */ if (delta > 0) { /* Scroll up. It … Nola Darling is a young and attractive woman from Brooklyn. Despite its availability on DVD in the United Kingdom, the DVD release for Region 1 took longer than expected. Nola regrets being an only child, and plans to have a family with five sons. Article Ciné 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks, Afro-American Movie, black film, black movie, blackmovie, dvd, film afro-américain, film black, film noir, filmblack, Joie Lee, Nola Darling, Nola Darling n’en fait qu’a sa tête (1986), She’s Gotta Have It (1986), Spike Lee, streaming, … Nola Darling isn’t the only one who has grown up; so has Spike Lee. [13], She's Gotta Have It was first released on VHS, initially by Key Video[14] and later by PolyGram Video[15] as part of a distribution deal with Chris Blackwell's Island World Group, which retained the rights following the purchase of Island Records by PolyGram (PolyGram would eventually acquire the rest of Island in December 1994);[16] on January 15, 2008, it was released on DVD in North America by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment through United Artists and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Starring in the lead character as Nola Darling will be DeWanda Wise (Shots Fired, Underground), who's excited to bring modern-day breath to the once controversial character. Nola is attracted to the best in each of them, but refuses to commit to any of them, cherishing her personal freedom instead, while each man wants her for himself. [9] The film ultimately grossed $7,137,503 in the United States. */ window.clearInterval(bwg_playInterval_0); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0").attr("title", "Lecture"); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0").attr("class", "bwg_ctrl_btn_0 bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0 fa fa-play"); if (0) { document.getElementById("bwg_audio_0").pause(); } } }); if (1) { bwg_play_0(); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0").attr("title", "Pause"); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0").attr("class", "bwg_ctrl_btn_0 bwg_slideshow_play_pause_0 fa fa-pause"); if (0) { document.getElementById("bwg_audio_0").play(); } } jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_image_0").removeAttr("width"); jQuery(".bwg_slideshow_image_0").removeAttr("height"); }); function bwg_resize_instagram_post_0() { if (jQuery('.inner_instagram_iframe_bwg_embed_frame_0').length) { var post_width = jQuery('.bwg_slideshow_embed_0').width(); var post_height = jQuery('.bwg_slideshow_embed_0').height(); jQuery('.inner_instagram_iframe_bwg_embed_frame_0').each(function() { var parent_container = jQuery(this).parent(); if (post_height / (parseInt(parent_container.attr('data-height')) + 96) < post_width / parseInt(parent_container.attr('data-width'))) { parent_container.height(post_height); parent_container.width((parent_container.height() - 96) * parent_container.attr('data-width') / parent_container.attr('data-height') + 16); } else { parent_container.width(post_width); parent_container.height((parent_container.width() - 16) * parent_container.attr('data-height') / parent_container.attr('data-width') + 96); } }); } bwg_change_watermark_container_0(); } function bwg_play_0() { window.clearInterval(bwg_playInterval_0); /* Play.

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