, I am looking for an agency that can work me securing visas for my numerous clients, I live in Ghana. This time more new pixel requirements and surprise, surprise? In addition to the forty-some nationalities that can arrive visa-free, another 90 countries may apply for an e-visa, but often with conditions. Hi I did e-visa to cambodia. Zimbabwe, the place many Zambians have left, has one of the best-looking websites. I had to start over several times because of this. choose where you register and report: among the best jurisdictions for e-Business residency: (both countries are accepted by Paypal & Worldpay for credit card processing). Thank you, Hello, if you’re working on expanding your business, this should be your starting point:, Last week I get my Combodia e-visa it’s fast and reliable regards, I am a Nigerian, I was trying to make use of this consultation ( but i was denied because my country is not eligible All nationalities may apply online, unless you’re lucky enough to be from Cyprus or Singapore, or have Comoros economic citizenship, in which case you only need turn up (yellow fever rules still apply). If you are in such a situation, then you need to realize that in addition to possible tax-saving benefits, establishing your company in Estonia can instantly lead to more sales as an EU company enjoys (rightfully so) more credibility and trust. But the powers that be insist upon a nearly North Korean exclusion policy. That said, the e-visa process requires you to upload multiple forms and isn’t so straightforwar. If I visited India seventy years ago as a serviceman– when I did not need a visa, and I answered ‘yes I visited’ (but couldn’t fill in the blanks with the visa dates and numbers) the application again shuts down for lack of old visa numbers. Details on the website here. The Ministry of the Interior, the Police and Border Guard Board, and BLS International Services Limited signed an agreement to expand the issuance of e-Residency digital ID cards into 20 countries around the world. Only 3 days wasted on filling out their form. Either way, you will need a yellow fever certificate upon arrival. Hi, which country’s passport holder are you? EU Residency by Investment. This writer has been on a dozen cruises with port stops in India and because of horrendous requirements & costs for an Indian visa has had no choice but to stay on board ship. E-residents are taxed in Estonia or in their home countries depending on individual circumstances. INDIA’S SECRET WAR TO DISCOURAGE TOURISTS CONTINUES UNABATED. If you are unsure whether or not you qualify, then I have good news for you. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Nomad Capitalist team has helped hundreds of people create and execute holistic offshore plans to help them legally reduce their taxes, become dual citizens, and live the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle of success. We & all the others would have gotten off the boat and spent some money in India had we been allowed to do so. Retiring to another country typically requires obtaining citizenship in the chosen country so that the resident can own property and a bank account. Other times, they are merely an indication that the country is difficult. There was no relationship between the time & money required to get a and the few hours that would be spent ashore near the port at Mumbai, etc. Countries. Can you please send me your email i.d through mine for us to talk, [email protected]. Then, after ten years, citizenship. India is doing a bit better but is nearly as insane in visa policy. We had a similar “no get off in India experiences” (as best as I can remember) with Princess Lines, & Royal Caribbean. While most western citizens can visit Armenia without a visa for a full 180 days (second only to nearby Georgia’s 360 days), some countries including Canada need a visa on arrival or e-visa. The confusing website in question is here. Even more, Estonia’s new e-residents are surpassing the country’s birth rate. The program allows non-Estonians access to Estonian services such as company formation, banking, payment processing, and taxation. In many cases doing business with customers in Western countries comes with high fees or you run into legitimacy issues, such as people being hesitant to do business with you because your business is location in Africa or Asia. South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand and Japan will be among the first countries in which such a program will be applied. Unfriendly site? The Nomad Capitalist team has helped hundreds of people create and execute prolific offshore plans to help them legally reduce their taxes, become dual citizens, and live the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle of successWould you like to be next? To Cruise Ship Lines- Never schedule any port stops in India unless, INDIA’S SECRET WAR TO DISCOURAGE TOURISTS (V-3). One of the first steps along this easing of visa-free travel is often an e-visa. The Indian visa app forces you to lie. There are no restrictions in regards to certain countries or the citizenship you hold. I want to about Moldova and Romania tourist or open visa.Lets inform about these contries . Sure, Australia offers an e600 online visa application similar to those offered by Canada, the UK, and Ireland, but these are merely the beginning of the same grueling process of going to an embassy. Depending on your country, you might be able to do visa on arrival, I am Elvis from Nigeria, can I use E-visa to apply for Russia and Estonia. I,m very thanksful. Join our email list and we’ll send our best articles, videos and exclusive content right to your inbox. While only nine countries (including Singapore again) can visit visa-free, citizens of the most well-known western countries like the United States can obtain a $30 visa on arrival. Even Indians, who generally have a hard time traveling, can show up without an advance visa. The reality is if you live in a Third World or developing country, there are restrictions in regards to the online services/platforms you can use and you might also run into banking issues. A principle to follow for individuals and nations is to do what is in your best interests. When I lived in Malaysia, the online visa process involved hiring someone (usually an inefficient and unhelpful tourist operator) to obtain the visa for you. I want to travel to Dubai. Hi Doris, what nationality are you ?? While many western citizens such as Americans can obtain a visa on arrival, the immigration authority can’t seem to give a straight answer as to who qualifies. Andrew Henderson is the world's most sought-after consultant on international tax planning, investment immigration, and global citizenship. However, one thing remains the same: even with dual citizenship and the ability to travel on multiple passports, there are still countries that require you to have a visa. Details are here., Please am a Ghanaian and I want travel to Singapore..please how can I get a visa. Thus India has for many years taken a country with many attractions; one that could easily generate 100 million tourist visitors, and by making it impossible for many potential tourists to visit. Estonia e-Residency Costs – How Much Does Setting Up A Company in Estonia Cost? Luckily, thanks to the Estonian e-Residency Program, you can become an e-resident with a simple application. Hi, I want to enter St Kits & Nives for employment purpose, but I don’t have any body their to serve as my host.How do I go about it please, possiblly link me up with a kind hearted being. Another often overlooked benefit of an e-Residency company is risk diversification, which is especially important if you are from a country that isn’t exactly democratic. Putting it mildly: “Byzantine and daunting.” Many applications & passports are lost. Now, tourists may easily apply through various tour operators so long as they book some type of tour, such as a Baku day tour or their hotel stay through the e-visa portal. I’ve heard Brazilians applying from Brazil get knocked back a lot. However, as of 2017, they have made the visa process much easier. If I had a port stop many years ago, where would I get that old visa data? Nope. Many countries realize that staffing embassies around the world to handle visa applications from tourists is a waste. Unfortunately, the biggest limitation is that Kuwait’s e-visa is only available to a limited number of countries. Sometimes, these visa requirements are out of reciprocity (ie: Brazilian citizens need a visa to visit the United States, so Brazil will make US citizens go through hell to get a Brazilian visa). INDIA’S SECRET WAR TO DISCOURAGE TOURISTS CONTINUES, E-VISA MADNESS V-4, In the past three years, we have been flying to Asia – missing out on 6 cruises we would have taken but passed up, only because they had port stops in India. At the port there is ONE attractive woman official who simply looks you over, doesn’t bother with any papers, smiles, and says “Welcome To Israel.”. Had a seamless entry in Sri Lanka (Im Indian passport holder) with their evisa, I would love to visit turkey with and e- visa. Then, hoping that having an airport instead of the correct seaport would be accepted upon arrival, at least page 1 was accepted. You are forced to lie or give up…, Then you get to the document downloads: Picture & Passport?. Update October 2020: Due to the global health crisis brought on by COVID-19, government agencies in South Sudan turned to online platforms to continue working from safe distances. I am a Nigerian , i want to travel to Georgia but Nigerians are granted the privilege. I want to please find out if applying for Zimbabwe,visa online and after making payment yet the application was not submitted what can be,done? The good news is that those of us seeking Tier B second passports through economic citizenship or other means have an increasing number of options for traveling without hassle. They still won’t offer cruise passengers free visas on arrival, like every other port-stop does, but now India the advertised simplified visa procedure. HOW CAN I GET AN AMERICAN AND CANADA VISA, I need to get refugee australia visa pleas helpe me iam handicap pleas helpe me iam somal, I need to get refugee australia visa pleas helpe me iam handicap pleas helpe me iam aomali, There many easy way to Europe and American continent. Thus, they gravitate to places like Panama, Mexico and other countries allowing them to rent or own a beach apartment and stay the season. The UAE has started offering visa on arrival status to more citizens, but most non-western foreigners still need a visa. Heck no; I don’t spend a lot of time in Africa, and Cote d’Ivore is not on my “trending African countries” list. I am from India … I am from Turkey … I am from Africa …. No you can’t , as a Nigerian citizen you need visa stamp passport to enter russia through Russia Embassy Abuja either by visit visa , business , tourist or study visa …. Hey, did you figure that out yet? I applied for an e-Visa for Vietnam recently as a U.S. citizen. The process takes two days and costs $51, at which time you have three months to get yourself to Nairobi airport. (Singaporeans get visa-free access, too.) You can visit the official website here. Some countries simply require visas from many travelers. Give dates, visa numbers, etc.? The price is $50 to $75 or more — depending upon your passport. You are forced to lie. Never book a cruise with any port stops in India unless you want endless frustration! Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s transparent digital business environment E-Residency allows digital entrepreneurs to manage business from anywhere, entirely online Give two references in India? Singapore’s visa policy is a bit odd; citizens of countries like Comoros can visit easily, yet a number of Tier B countries require visas. But I didn’t understand how Georgia works, they give one year stamp for who? Estonia is the first and only country to offer e-Residency, although other countries including Singapore and Dubai are actively exploring the idea. You get another secret ID Number (the fifth in my case) to use to access this letter. We then received a 15 digit “Temporary Return to delayed application ID number.” This was supposed to get us back to our partially filled out application form. SBI = State Bank of India, I still don’t know what Axis is. Then too, only “online applications and downloaded online photos are accepted.” Does it not occur the that not every potential tourist is technically do deal with a very unfriendly website or equipped to scan & download color photos with very detailed technical requirements? e-Residency | 6,147 followers on LinkedIn. As more people have come to realize the value of e-Residency, the program has continued to grow. I know this is true of Vietnam, as it did state that on their website. However, the e-visa website makes the odd choice to give you TWO payment options (as if you care which Indian bank processes your payment), and the bank I chose happened to be out of commission for some time. In the first phase, e-Residency digital IDs will be newly issued in South Africa, Singapore, Brazil, and Thailand, and issuance will continue in Japan. What if I was a “Jedi Knight” as a third of all Australians claim to be when asked their religion? If you’re planning on moving out of the United States, becoming a digital nomad, or just spending a year abroad, here are the countries where it’s easy to get a residency visa. Whatsapp :+233242277302. Can I get ur email address n contact details for business talks. Anywhere else you are asked to download pictures, you simply do it. You can visit the website here. "Nomad Capitalist" and "Go Where You're Treated Best" are registered trademarks, Offshore Banking: How to Open an Offshore Bank Account Legally, The best offshore banks (even for Americans), The easiest place in the world to open a bank account, The 5 countries with the safest offshore banks, Offshore Company: How a Foreign Corporation can Reduce Taxes, Labuan: Asia’s secret haven for an offshore corporation, Second Passport: How to Get Dual Citizenship, The Fastest Countries in The World to Become a Citizen, Get second residency and pay no tax in these 20 countries, Second Residence: How to Get a Residence Permit Overseas, The Best Citizenship by Investment Programs, Citizenship By Descent: How to Get an Ancestral Passport, International Investment: How to Invest in Emerging Markets, The Calexodus: Why You Need to Leave California Now, 7 Countries Where There’s No Citizenship by Residency, How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Selling a Business, Cyprus Residence by Investment: the Ultimate Guide,,, I should mention the first time was as a Brazilian resident in Japan and the second time as a Brazilian resident in the EU. Try not to waste your flights and hotel booking. The problem is that getting an Indian e-visa represents everything you might expect: bureaucracy, ineptitude, and inefficiency. If you were born after August 16, 1960, and your dad was Cypriot, you can apply for citizenship. Don’t like lying? Were any of your grandparents ever in the area now known as Pakistan? Uganda’s e-visa process is built in the same way as Gabon’s, and the e-visa process is replacing the formerly available visa on arrival process. Indian visas are a nightmare to obtain. Consider this: If a person buys a ticket on a cruise boat while already abroad; with a future one day stop in thousands of miles from his home country, how can he possibly comply with India’s requirement that visa applications must only be filed only in the capital city of the passport or legal residence country.Then too there is a question “Have you lived at your present address for over 2 years?” Does this mean that shorter periods get your visa. Where were your parents born? Their friendly-looking website is here, and currently touts with pride: “Macau has been added!”. From experience, it’s generally easier and cheaper to select the most conservative visa you need. 2017. Your photo download has to be 2” X 2” a certain number of kilobytes, 350 X 350 Pixels and in JPG format. Hello, I am Lifted from Nigeria, please do you have any idea of how to secure e-visa to Palau as a tourist? With the exception of a few war-torn and African countries, most everyone is eligible to visit for 30 days with one of these, obtainable online if you can figure it out. Can Nigeria get electonic visa to Finland , Qatar, Georgia, Russia, and Estonia thanks. Dual citizenship is … I checked for Morocco even evisa is not available? 2017. Hi Benjamin, it’s a good question, if you want to get more information, we’d suggest you listen to this episode of our podcast: Do they verify your permit??. Another hour of research. So I just put “No.” But I don’t like being asked questions that I can’t possibly know the answer to. There are of course other problems in India – poor roads, insufficient tourist transport facilities, deferred maintenance of almost everything, inferior infrastructure, corruption, etc. Most Tier A and Tier B passports can easily apply online, as can Chinese and Indian citizens. The first time I applied online, my application was accepted and the only step left was to pay. “The aim of concluding the agreement is to increase the availability of e-Residency in different parts of the world. Other countries, however, still impose some sort of requirements ranging from something silly like booking a tour to apply online, to merely moving the entire web of bureaucracy onto the internet but without much improvement. Holland America’s unhelpful customer service reps spoke to us via several expensive telephone calls to their call center (Was it In India via USA?). How can you be of help obtaining the visa. … can I participate in Estonia’s e-Residency program? Does it provide any facility like ESTA or E-VISA. In case you don’t meet this requirement, you will not be charged even if you have the e-resident card. Do you have an experience with any of these e-visa programs? Another long day of frustration. Other times still, it is merely out of desire to collect a fee. Hello Tosin, Nigerian nationals are not eligible for turkish e- visa. Personal or phone contacts with a human beings are nearly impossible to achieve. In fact, only 1% of applicants were denied e-Residency. Great post, The website is a bit dated, but the process is straightforward enough and can be found here. The fee is about $10 upon arrival. The website is here. I need a Brunei visa, kindly contact me [email protected]. That’s when the Byzantine nonsense starts: Instructions say you can only file within a certain time frame, and from the country where you have lived for at least the last 2 years. Cambodia has raised its e-visa fee over the years, always adding another $2 here or $5 there, but the total fee now should not exceed $40. NEVER BOOK A CRUISE WITH ANY PORT STOPS IN INDIA, 3. Sri Lanka’s government websites give me privacy errors, so I can’t say much about this program, other than it appears that citizens of all countries other than Sri Lanka require an ETA (similar, perhaps, to what is required by the US of western citizens) to visit. The Indian visa process is rather intense and involves a lot of questions as well as a few uploads, so plan to spend an hour or two really focusing on it. But leaving an answer blank meant you would lose the form again and might not be able to get it back. My religion “Agnostic” was not among the few choices given, and so I chose a religion I knew was common in India. The motivation behind e-Residency is simple – to create a country without borders. Now, most westerners have the option. How the heck would I know where they were a couple centuries ago? You start out by going to the official government visa site . The long-troubled west African country formerly known as Ivory Coast has its own online visa process. The name and an airport to be in your country of citizenship, even if it is on the other side of the world from where you live, expect to arrive or have friends & relatives waiting. Expect frustration. If you are interested in learning more about e-Residency or think about starting your e-Residency company and online business, you can also work with my directly, I have an entire program to kick-start your e-Residency online business. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Even countries that face a lot of problems traveling, such as Thailand, have easy access. E-Residency is a transnational digital identity that anyone in the world can apply for to obtain access to a platform built on inclusion, legitimacy and transparency. Nigerians are eligible to apply for Turkey evisa but with supporting documents. It actually took me awhile to find the programs website, which is based in French but also in English. They said over & over- “Get a visa or you can’t board the ship. Today e-Residency can be used to set up a business in Estonia quickly and effectively. What’s that? The main reason the Philippines also has fewer tourists than they should have is that until recently they gave only 30 day visas. Combine that with Malaysia’s easy visa run policy and it is one of the easiest countries to visit as a tourist. The government website is here. Turkey has a very interesting visa policy that is actually more confusing than the European Union’s. A lot of experimentation on how to outsmart the form processing software results in getting to the next page after the ID number to restore the incomplete app fails several times. The government website is here. But I checked SBI and payment finally accepted. Increased tourism would vastly improve the country. Everyone else needs an online visa. A tax resident will only be charged if they stay here for at least 183 annually. This was not hard to answer until you read the attached requirement that you must say you have “lived at your present address for at least two years prior to the application.” If applying from a vacation destination, you are forced to lie. Am i right in assuming that with the E-visa, they will not stamp or label your passport page? You can gain entry to Turkey with Evisa only if you have USA VISA OR IRELAND VISA OR SCHENGEN VISA OR RESIDENCE PERMIT IN SCHENGEN REGION . After becoming an e-resident you will recieve a physical card (digital- ID), which makes it possible to … Holding a C.I issued by Brunei immigration. I live in Georgia so can’t comment much on the process, but if it’s like anything else the government does, it should be very efficient. e-Residency Main article: E-residency of Estonia In late 2014 Estonia became the first country to offer electronic residency to people from outside the country, a step that the Estonian government terms as "moving towards the idea of a country without borders." 2015 ... Estonia is the first country in the cloud, our critical databases and services are backed up in a high-security data centre in Luxembourg. Israel, with far greater security concerns gives everyone a free visa upon arrival without any formalities. “Press one for this, press 9 for that, then press 3 for bad recorded advice and disconnect, 4 for an hour of music at great expense. The reason most countries require a difficult vetting process for Indian “tourists” is that a substantial number of them intend to never return to India. Since 2014, people from 167 different countries have applied for e-residency. Estonia also takes into account the tax requirements of an individual’s country … If you have 500,000 EUR you can invest that into a real estate property and you will gain family residency. Azerbaijan requires visas from just about everyone, save for nine countries that get visa-free access and another thirteen Asian and Gulf countries that get visa on arrival. Previously, the country was mostly only open to citizens of eastern European countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, and Turkey. That meant that my application was lost and I had to start over again. Then came the next required document, a photo of the passport. Most other consulates accept visa applications in the morning and passports are given visas immediately over the or returned later the same day. You are forced to lie. Please am from Nigeria and have applied for Australia sub 600 but have not scared through yet, which website do I use to apply to get it done more faster? Read more. The ID number to get back to your original pending application kept changing — always with the number or letter I, confused with 1, and/or the same problem with Zero and the letter “O.”. You could get an impressive return on your investment, as well as residency or citizenship. So here is a list of real e-visa countries, as well as my personal feedback on those I have used. The official website is here. would be giving visas on arrival to legitimate tourists.The typical wealthy retired American or European likes to get away from the cold winters. No credit cards, certified checks nor any form of payment except cash in person is accepted. you are warned that you have only completed an application, and upon arrival in you will need an additional “approval” paper which is promised within 72 hours. Because of many bad experiences, we decided we would not disembark during the next port stop in 2018. Also, all taxes will be paid for you, so you'll run legally. Never expect to get helpful answers or any connection to a real human being.”. Zambia is one of the more open countries in Africa, but their visa policy is still somewhat restrictive. What is e-Residency? The online application site proved to be the most formidable, unfriendly site on the net.

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