The staff make a real effort to share insider tips on the city and they also have affordable private rooms. This city is incredibly famous and popular for a reason: it is absolutely beautiful, deeply historic, easy to navigate and packed with fun and interesting things to do. Refine your trip. Central Europe - Session Pack 1. However, if you only have time to allow for a 2-week trip, you can certainly cover a lot of ground and really get to know the region and the destinations you choose to visit. 7 Cross Europe West to East (or vice versa) Arrive in Budapest. In Budapest, you will use Hungarian forint, and in Prague, Czech koruna. Click here to browse the best deals on hotels in Prague. Manage it. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a0144f502e1ed334a71e9e9bd2f8b227" );document.getElementById("fad5c29c00").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); © 2020 The World Was Here First • All rights reserved. If you’re looking to dig deep in a couple of destinations on … 4 Discover the Balkans with Interrail. The light rail transports over 80 thousand users daily, resulting in a yearly ridership of approximately 24 million passengersp The two routes have no connection between each other since they both offer transportation on different regions within the city. Planning a 2 week Central Europe itinerary is one of the best ways to see some of the most beautiful towns and cities on the continent without breaking the bank. 5 The best of the North - Scandinavia itinerary. Now that we’ve taken the time to discuss how long to spend in Central Europe, we need to discuss how you plan on getting around while you’re there. If you are looking for a 3-week Central Europe itinerary, then you can easily combine some of these itineraries with others and pick and choose which places appeal to you most. Waiting for you are outstanding medieval architecture, dynamic cities and history lessons, and yet you can still get away from the crowds on this route, visiting France’s dramatic northern coastline and by crossing through the fairy tale Bohemian Forest. Hi Peter, I think 3 days isn’t enough to see all of Bled, Ljubiana and Zagreb! There are many properties available on the platform including private rooms in a local’s home to chic city-centre apartments. After spending a day in the Slokavian capital, it’s time to head to the incredible High Tatras that straddle northern Slovakia and southern Poland. Hope you have a great trip! From Vienna to Venice, Krakow and Budapest, Central Europe is jam-packed with diverse cities, fairytale architecture, and riveting historical sites. Thee of the most important political units in the region were the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealths and the German and Austro-Hungarian empires. While there are many sightseeing routes to take in Central Europe, Prague is a popular starting destination. is never something you’re going to regret. There are a range of clean and comfortable rooms to choose from with the option to include breakfast. Though we love Wroclaw and actually find it to be one of our favourite cities in Poland, you can also choose to end this itinerary in the Polish capital of Warsaw. EuroVelo 4 is so diverse, you won’t know where to begin. Need examples? In Poland, you could easily spend time in the capital of Warsaw, head onto charming Poznan and spend some time wandering through beautiful Wielkopolska National Park. Build on Johann Strauss' classical attempt to capture the mood of Central Europe by exploring the region around the 'Blue Danube' river. Not quite what you’re looking for? One of the most iconic cities to visit on any Central Europe itinerary is Vienna, Austria’s gorgeous capital. You can take your time when it comes to visiting the top sites and wandering through the charming Old Town, where you would be a bit rushed if you only had a day trip here. Not quite what you’re looking for? Where else to begin but London (1) – one of the world’s greatest but most expensive cities. Begin this itinerary in Prague, the Czech capital. For those who want to tour three of Europe’s great cities, this central Europe itinerary is perfect. Via Romea (Francigena) Atlantic – Black Sea . When travelling in Central Europe, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have a travel insurance policy so you’re covered for any unfortunate events! Bus routes and plentiful and the typical quality of the coaches are good, as well. They offer a range of private rooms with breakfast included daily. One popular day trip is to the lovely town of Cesky Krumlov south of Prague. Spend your first couple of days exploring the city and then maybe another day on a day trip to one of the many places surrounding the capital. In Czechia, consider visiting some other cities like Brno or Ostrava or even heading into nature with some hiking in the beautiful Jeseniky Mountains. Backpacking Europe Routes — Central Europe. On your final stop, it’s time to get a bit off the beaten tourist path in Poland and head to one of the country’s most charming cities, Wroclaw. Though Olomouc isn’t the most visited city in the Czech Republic, it doesn’t mean that there is a shortage of great places to stay. Vienna Where to Stay. Plan your trip to Central Europe. As of November 2019 more than 45,000 km (27,962 mi) were in place. Trains are typically reliable, reasonably quick, and comfortable and there are ample routes between major municipalities that you’re unlikely to be standard or have to make a million connections so long as you’re not going too far off the typically trodden path. Czechia-Poland Itinerary. Truthfully, you could make a case for visiting Central Europe at Central Europe is the central region of Europe.Central Europe includes contiguous territories that are sometimes also considered parts of Western Europe, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe. Select country + Albania. I am interested in Warsaw and Krakow of course. The breakdown per migratory route is as follows: Central route: 34 187 arrivals; Eastern … A 10-day Central Europe itinerary is enough to give you a good feel for the region, however, it will likely prevent you from digging deeper and visiting more offbeat areas or spending longer in various destinations. Prague to Budapest is about a six-hour car ride or seven-hour train ride. Esterbaueur guide of the Main Cycle Route. The Central Europe Triangle Pass is the best rail pass to discover Vienna, Prague, Salzburg and Budapest. Train travel in a lot of Europe is some of the best in the world and, for the majority of Central European countries, this region is no exception. Miss Sophie’s Hotel – An excellent boutique hotel in a renovated house that offers a range of private rooms suitable for couples and families. There are also many lush parks and even some islands in the river to hang out on, as well. There are countless great places to stay in Budapest that you are spoilt for choice in the Hungarian capital. Click here to browse the best deals on hotels in Olomouc. While your wallet is still intact move on to the storied grounds of Oxford (2) before heading to Snowdonia (3), where the Welsh mountains provide excellent hiking.Soak up some history in the medieval streets of York (4), then make the trip north to stunning Edinburgh (5). to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava! Cycling 5,100 km across Europe from west to east provides a fascinating insight into the world’s second most densely populated continent. The route on this page highlights a typical itinerary which takes in the best cities in Central and Western Europe in a relatively short space of time. The Great Runs Guide to running in Seattle. The best places to run include the Elliott Bay Trail, Burke Gilman Trail has some pretty sections, Discovery Park, Lake Union, Green Lake and Woodland Park, Washington Park Arboretum. ), Richmond Park Walks: A Perfect London Day Hike. Taking 2 weeks for a Budapest-Vienna-Prague itinerary is quite ideal as it allows you to explore these three incredible cities at a great depth, not only seeing the top tourist sites but also really getting to know more local neighbourhoods and hidden gems within these three incredibly popular and touristed cities. We like WorldNomads and always use them for our trips – click here to get a quote from WorldNomads. You could also extend by heading into Poland and exploring the cities of Krakow, Wroclaw, Posnan and up to the capital of Warsaw. The Land of Onion Domes & Fairytales. They were preceded in the Middle Ages by the Holy Roman Empire, a patchwork of states and statelets whose extent varied over time. These four different routes are the ideal itineraries to follow if you want to explore a number of countries in cities in this period of time. we have booked sail trip around Croatia, though we have 3 days before we sail, we could fly from Prague to Zadar, or do a 3 day tour from Prague to Zadar through Bled, Lubjiana, Zagreb then plitvic lake Zadar, but having trouble working out the options. Choose from the best hotels and activities. Click here to check their latest availability, Butterfly Home Danube – A lovely boutique hotel located close to the banks of the Danube on the Pest side of the city. Not quite what you’re looking for? Train travel is the most viable in Central Europe if you’re planning on visiting cities in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Slovenia. So if you want to Interrail Eastern Europe and Central Europe in about 2 weeks, you came to the right place! Click here to browse the best deals on hotels in Budapest! It has been awhile since I have posted in the forums, but I have always found them extremely helpful. Click here to check their availability, Miss Sophie’s Downtown – This quaint boutique hotel in Prague’s first district is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for a cute and romantic option. Check out these many places to add on your Central Europe travel itinerary that the amount of options feel overwhelming. Routes. This 2-week Interrail route is a loop, so you can start and end it at any point in the route. At its center is Germany. Countries. Central Europe is such a beautiful area for backpacking. They embark on long, dangerous journeys departing from North Africa to cross the Mediterranean sea and reach Europe. If you have lots of time to play around with, you can always combine this itinerary with the extended stops in Poland and then onto the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. I am interested in your Poland Itinerary. Click here to see their availability, Smart&Green Living by Ambiente — This is a wonderful place to stay in Bratislava if you want a clean and comfortable self-catering apartment with hotel-like amenities. If you’re interested in hiring a car in Central Europe, we recommend using in order to find the best prices on a car rental. Known for being a vibrant student city, Wroclaw also has a lot of quirks hidden throughout it’s classic Polish Old Town. Because you have the time if you’re following this particular itinerary, it is also a great idea to go on a day trip from Vienna. Depending on your flight, most likely you will arrive in Budapest in the morning or … Overview. Boasting unique cultures, delicious cuisine and refreshingly affordable prices, there is no way to no to enjoy yourself while on a trip to Central Europe. … The region is vast and encompasses a number of different countries and sub-regions and one could easily spend months in Central Europe and continually find new things to see and do. International Routes during COVID-19 COVID-19 has impacted SEA Airport's international services, below is a map that displays services that are currently operating in green as well as those that are suspended in gray. Though not as visited as many of the cities in this itinerary, there are still plenty of places to stay in Wroclaw that are sure to suit any travel style and budget. Start with a water-view meal in Germany's Regensburg, a city replete with historical constructions.Then visit Linz and its stunning riverside art gallery before boarding a tour boat. If you’re wondering where to rest your head in the Austrian capital, check out these suggestions: Hostel Ruthensteiner — A great, family-run hostel that is perfect for budget backpackers and solo travellers. There is an option to include breakfast in the daily rate. Next, travel to Vienna, a sophisticated city rich in … These routes are popular for a reason, taking in world-class cities and amazing scenery. •, things to do in Budapest during the four days. As discussed, the ideal short period for a Central Europe itinerary is 2 weeks. This capital city is quite small and often only visited as a day trip from Vienna, however, you can a bit more out of the city if you opt to spend a night and one full day here. If you’re interested in visiting the Tatras in Poland, one of the most popular and developed towns to is Zakopane, which is great as a summer retreat for hiking and mountain sports and also an affordable winter skiing destination. Between January and November 2020, 89 814 irregular arrivals have been registered. From Olomouc, it’s time to head to Krakow and enjoy a few days exploring this iconic city. Map from Bayreuth to the mouth of the Rhine in Mainz, on a scale of 1:75.000. There is a restaurant on-site and breakfast is included in the daily rate. If you’re looking for a great place to rest your head, check out our top suggestions: Hostel Lipa – A small family-run hostel in the Zizkov Quarter that makes for a great base for exploring Prague. You can both get the opportunity to dig a bit deeper and gain a good understanding of the region while also still whetting your appetite for where you can visit next time you get a chance to travel to Central Europe. These beautiful mountains are popular retreats for locals but tend to see fewer foreign tourists, especially on the Slovak side. For more information, see our privacy policy. Take at least two days to explore the city to it’s fullest, taking in all of the main sites like the Vienna State Opera, Schonbrun Palace, the Spanish Riding School and many others. Look forward to hearing from you I'm not sure how do i arrange the best route without any redundancy. Click here to see their availability, Hotel Brauhof Wien — If you’re after a bit of luxury in Vienna, then this 4-star hotel is a great option for you. The bus is another good, viable option for intercity transit in Central Europe. Aer Lingus’ inaugural service direct to Seattle, Washington State, will take to the skies on Friday, May 18th, at 3.50pm from Dublin Airport. In this article, we want to share our Central and Eastern Europe Interrail route with you guys. For the moment, there is no official guide for the whole cycle route of La Vélomaritime, from Roscoff to Dunkirk. Spending 2 weeks in Central Europe will allow you to hit some top cities in the region and also give you the chance to really get to know various countries and smaller towns and municipalities. This means that all of our tours are personalized according to your interests and needs. Spend three full days in Krakow before heading onto…. Between Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava, only Vienna and Bratislava use the Euro. There are a range of different apartments available and its central locations is ideal for exploring the Slovak capital. Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. Trains are generally fairly affordable, however, if you want to get the best prices, it is always a good idea to book your journey at least a few days, if not a few weeks, in advance. If you’re looking for a great place to stay while in Krakow, make sure to check out our suggestions: Mosquito Hostel – one of the best hostels to stay at in Krakow if trying to keep costs down. Hostel Blues — If you’re travelling on a budget or solo, then this hostel is an excellent choice. Is late April/early May a good time to visit Poland? One thing to keep in mind no matter how long you have to dedicate to your Central Europe travel itinerary is that it is impossible to see absolutely everything so make sure to prioritise what you want to visit. Also, no visit to the Austrian capital would be complete without spending a least a little bit of time relaxing in a streetside cafe and experiencing the famous coffee and pastry culture that Vienna is so well known for. Of course, no trip to Budapest is complete without taking the time to visit at least one of its iconic bathhouses, taking a leisurely stroll along the Danube, and partying until dawn at the famous ruin bars. The Central Europe Triangle Pass is the best rail pass to discover Vienna, Prague, Salzburg and Budapest. Also neighborhood running in Capitol Hill in the suburbs of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmondm and Bainbridge Island. Irregular arrivals in the EU have decreased significantly since the peak of the migration crisis in 2015. Waters of Central Europe. Dotted with fascinating and, at times, heartbreaking history, gorgeous old towns, stunning natural scenery, and vibrant cities, Central Europe is a dynamic and interesting region to visit on the continent. One of the most popular is to the Slovak capital of Bratislava, which is only about an hour from Vienna. There’s a large common room and the staff have plenty of recommendations on things to do and day trips in the area. Book it. One question that many potential visitors to Central Europe ask themselves frequently is how long they should spend in the region. We also suggest taking out an excess insurance policy with iCarHireInsurance in order to make sure that you don’t pay anything out of pocket should any damage happen to your vehicle and save you money compared to taking out a policy directly through the rental company. If you can, we think that the ideal period of time for a short trip is 2 weeks. West Highland Line, Fort William to Mallaig, Scotland. I’d suggest either picking one place to stop on the way or flying between Prague and Zadar and spending more time in the Czech Republic. They offer a delicious free breakfast and nightly social activities that are a great way to meet other travellers to experience Krakow’s famous nightlife. If you’re interested in history and seaside charms, then consider venturing further north to explore the Baltic port city of Gdansk. Cruises stop in pretty Melk, dominated by an intimidating Benedictine monastery. You haven’t included Gdansk, is it worth visiting this place or is it better to discover Wroclaw instead? There are a range of dorm beds available, great common areas, and a convenient central location making it the perfect base to explore Bratislava. EuroVelo is a network of currently 16 long-distance cycling routes criss-crossing Europe, in various stages of completion.When completed, the EuroVelo network's total length will almost be 90,000 km (55,923 mi). It's an interactive map, so start clicking around and planning your trip! The map below shows the bigger cities in Europe, to which cities they are connected and how long it takes to travel between them. One of the most iconic cities to have on any Central Europe itinerary has got to be Budapest. 1 2 Week Interrail route Central and Eastern Europe. You might also experience some beautiful and unseasonably warm days if you travel during these times of year as well Click here to check their availability, Grand Hotel Bohemia – One of the best-rated hotels in Prague, they have a range of stylish and elegant rooms and are located in the heart of the Old Town. Click here to check their availability, PURO Krakow Kazimierz – An excellent luxury option in Krakow, this cool hotel is located in the hip and trendy Kazimierz neighbourhood of the Polish city. Vienna - Salzburg - Prague. Airbnb — Airbnb is an excellent option for a lot of your Central Europe itinerary, and particularly Vienna. Click here to check their availability. Not quite what you’re looking for? Central Europe Itinerary 2 weeks – Munich Vienna Prague Budapest Bratislava 10 day – Prague Vienna Budapest 10 days are enough to explore the … Backpacking Europe Routes — Central Europe. Central Europe Route. Thank you. Central Europe itinerary 3 weeks. If you’re interested in getting around Central Europe by bus, I recommend looking at Flixbus to book your journey or booking through Omio again, as well. 2 Valencia to Rome - Mediterranean Summer trip. Waiting for you are outstanding medieval architecture, dynamic cities and history lessons, and yet you can still get away from the crowds on this route, visiting France’s dramatic northern coastline and by crossing through the fairy tale Bohemian Forest. rainy and chilly at times. Rhine Cycle Route. If you want an introduction to Europe, are keen to dip your toe into Eastern Europe or are just interested in this unique and beautiful part of the world, you can’t go wrong with exploring the lovely nations that make up Central Europe. Click here to see their availability, Motel One Wien – Hauptbahnhof — A great, centrally located hotel that is situated close to the main train station. These countries have quite a bit to offer visitors and so many tourists don’t venture beyond the most popular cities. Click here to browse for the best deals on hotels in Wroclaw. Many of the migrants transit through Libya on their journey towards Europe. If you’re more interested in heading a bit off the well-trodden path of a Budapest-Vienna-Prague itinerary, then this is a great route for you! Centrally located, they have numerous chic, clean and comfortable rooms available and great amenities to make your stay in Austria’s capital a great one. •. The Land of Onion Domes & Fairytales. North Sea Cycle Route. If you’re wondering where to rest your head in the city, check out these suggestions: Big Fish Hostel – a small cosy hostel that is well located and the staff go out of their way to ensure travellers meet each other and have a good time. Hi Peter, I haven’t been to Gdansk before, however, Wroclaw is my favourite city in Poland so I definitely recommend visiting there if you can! So, if you only have a short amount of time to play around with and want to get the most out of your trip to this region, I would recommend planning to spend no fewer than 10 days (and visiting no more than 3 cities) for your trip. Need examples? When she’s not dreaming of far-away lands, Maggie enjoys drinking copious amounts of coffee, Harry Potter, and coaxing stray cats into her home. East Europe Route. Known for its grand architecture, fantastic cafe culture and beautiful cityscapes, Vienna is really an incredible city to visit no matter what kind of European route your find yourself on. Up to 50% off. The Austrian capital of Vienna is known for its intellectual and artistic past: it … If you’re wondering where to stay in Olomouc, have a browse through our suggestions: Poets’ Corner Hostel – a funky hostel that is spread across two floors in a renovated apartment in central Olomouc. Central Europe (6070) Small-Group Discovery. Check out these many places to add on your Central Europe travel itinerary that the amount of options feel overwhelming. Not quite what you’re looking for? Hi Team, Baltic Sea Cycle Route. While there are countless things to see and cities to visit, spend 2 weeks in Central Europe (or more!) Rhone Cycle Route. Europe - 12 Day Central Europe Itinerary - Hey everyone! Many people choose to head to Budapest, another well-known capital city, after Prague. Click here to check their availability, Monastery Boutique Hotel – An wonderful luxury option, this boutique hotel is located a stone’s throw from Fisherman’s Bastion in the quiet Buda side of the city. Czechia has some of the best beer in the entire world and it is such an important part of the culture that you really can’t miss sampling some of this iconic beverage. Click here to browse more Vienna hotels! We'll find the best routes and schedules. Central & Eastern Europe Custom Tour Itineraries All of our trip packages are customized, so we do not have group tours to join, save for our small group Italy gourmet and culture tours . Central Europe is such a beautiful area for backpacking. It is important to know that the rail pass is valid for 3 one way journeys on the two routes below: Vienna - Budapest - Prague. They have a range of rooms available, a fantastic, central location, and great amenities to ensure your trip to Prague is a great one. Starting is the wonderful city of Budapest, this itinerary instead winds you through Slovakia, into the imposing High Tatras and onto some charming Polish cities. Major inland waterways of Europe. However, most people don’t have an endless amount of time to spend traipsing across Europe and want to know what the ideal trip length is for a Central Europe itinerary. This pack contains 4 sessions for the route Central Europe v0.96.All of these sessions are available on the DLS for free download with the same kuids as listed below. Click here to check their availability, Not quite what you’re looking for? While you really don’t need a car in big cities and towns in Central Europe (all of the city centres are incredibly walkable and public transit is quite good), it can be really helpful if you want to get out into nature or visit some areas with fewer public transit connections. Click here to browse for the best deals on hotels in Krakow. We recommend using a service called Omio to do this — it aggregates most routes and will show you the best prices available for your travel dates.