It is estimated that the actual number of cases is much higher than the number of confirmed cases,[235] the tests being limited to specific people and/or to people with severe symptoms. "Manier van tellen is anders, "Van Gucht: 'We trekken ons best niets aan van internationale ranking van coronadoden, "The trends of the last days seem to persist", "Waarom je coronacijfers van landen niet zomaar kunt vergelijken", "Coronavirus: Belgium's high death toll will deter tourists", "Nieuw gemor over Belgische rapportering coronadoden", "Belgium says transparency explains high virus death toll", "Coronavirus: Counting all deaths in care centres is 'dumb, "Why does Belgium have so many Coronavirus deaths? [132][obsolete source], When the first measures were taken by the Belgian government on 10 March, in the form of recommendations, some expressed that more drastic measures were required, like Professors Herman Goossens and Marc Van Ranst who questioned the set limit of maximum 1,000 people for indoor events. Apr [183], To cope with the increasing influx of patients, several hospitals started to build new temporary facilities, such as the UZA clinic in Edegem with the construction of containers[184] or the Saint Peter's Hospital in Brussels with the set up of outside tents supported by the Belgian Red Cross. [130] Zorgnet Icuro,[131] an umbrella organisation in the field of health care and care for the elderly, requested the Flemish Minister for Public health Wouter Beke to take stronger actions with respect to visitor access at retirement homes in Flanders. Il est important de souligner que le call center traite les situations d’urgence à l’étranger. On 30 October, new figures showed that Belgium had the highest infection rate in Europe. [80] Apr The employees affected included some with important tasks in the nuclear power plant. Echt belangrijk om nu strikt de maatregelen op te volgen, "De Coronacurves van biostatisticus prof. dr. Kurt Barbé", "Brouwer-stoker schakelt over: alcohol voor handgel in plaats van whisky uit stookketel", "Janssen Pharma, Tereos én Filliers starten noodproductie desinfecterende ontsmettingsalcohol", "AB InBev maakt handgels en ontsmettingsmiddel uit restalcohol alcoholvrij bier", "Tiense Suikerraffinaderij maakt desinfecterende handgel", "Les entreprises belges produisent 1 million de litres de gel hydroalcoolique et mettent fin à la pénurie", "Production of face-masks locally is 'pretty much impossible,' says industry", "Textielsector: 'Hier productie van mondmaskers opstarten, is niet vanzelfsprekend, "Coronavirus: Belgian companies to start producing face masks", "GSK's major contributions to the fight against Covid-19 in Belgium", "Moet er snel een echte regering komen om de coronacrisis te bezweren? Dans ce cas, vous devriez vous signaler comme convenu en France au numéro d’urgence (115), et tenir l’Ambassade informée de votre situation à parisconsulaire@international.gc.caou au (+33) 1 44 43 29 02. [127], While the COVID-19 was already spreading to all regions of Italy in late February, the Belgian government has been criticised for its lack of action. [158], After the closure, the sector requested more protective equipment, more training and guidelines for caretakers on how to handle infected patients, and more tests. [248], Sciensano started to publish statistics per province starting 18 March. Politique de cookies - The total number of recoveries is therefore underestimated, particularly in a context where there are many undetected positive cases presenting mild symptoms and recovering as well. (Data from the last two days still have to be consolidated by Sciensano. [125] On 21 March, Prof. Dr. Erika Vlieghe of the Scientific Committee mentioned that she expected the peak of the pandemic to occur in early April. [245][246] Belgium counts deaths occurring both in hospitals and elsewhere, like in care homes. [181] For example, between 5 March and 5 April, Belgium reported 2,373 COVID-19 deaths with the excess mortality being estimated around 3,000. Une bonne nouvelle pour la compagnie aérienne Air Belgium, qui relance à la mi-décembre ses vols au départ de Charleroi vers les Antilles françaises. The numbers of new cases, deaths and tests are still incomplete for this day. Charte des médias, Tour de France : résultats et classements. [109], While the number of tests capped at 3,500 and 4,500 a day, an increase in stocks of the required materials[further explanation needed] was announced early April by the Federal Minister Philippe De Backer, to improve the testing capacity to 10,000 tests a day. On 1 June Belgium's Prince Joachim issued a public apology following news that he tested positive for COVID-19 after he attended a party in Spain, in violation of the country's lockdown.[79]. [52], From 422 samples analysed on 7 March 31 were reported positive on 8 March (16 in Flanders, eight in Brussels and seven in Wallonia), bringing the number of infections to 200. Les îles de Guadeloupe ont une gastronomie qui reflète la diversité de ses populations. Découvrez notre généreuse franchise de bagages. [92][further explanation needed] The mayor of Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe, Olivier Maingain, was one of the only mayors to take measures to prevent the spreading of the new coronavirus by restricting access to schools, sports facilities and public places for persons returning from areas at risk[93] and only a few schools, such as the International School Ghent, quarantined pupils returning from infected areas, such as Northern Italy. [62], On 26 March, Sciensano published a map that showed that the highest recorded concentrations of infections were found in Alken and Sint-Truiden (Limburg) and Quévy and Honnelles (Hainaut). Vous devrez rester confiné si vous avez des symptômes (fièvre, toux, difficultés respiratoires). The other patient had had contact with a prior case. Feb [96], Late in the evening on 12 March, after a meeting of the National Security Council, the Belgian government moved into the federal phase of crisis management, and ordered the closure of schools, discos, cafes and restaurants, and the cancellation of all public gatherings for sporting, cultural or festive purposes from Friday 13 March at midnight onwards. Every day, the latest developments on the epidemiological situation in Belgium are reported, with the new figures of confirmed cases, hospitalised patients and deaths, as well as general explanations and forecasts, or reminders of the need to respect the social distancing measures. The actual number of infections is estimated to be much higher than the number of cases confirmed by a laboratory test. On 28 July, in response to a flare-up in Antwerp, measures are being tightened locally. Oct Coronavirus - La Martinique et la Guadeloupe repassent en zone orange Publié le 10-12-20 à 21h56 à BRUXELLES (Belgique) Le ministère des Affaires étrangères belge a pris la décision de reclasser la Guadeloupe et la Martinique en zone orange et non plus rouge. On 2 March, six additional cases, making a total of eight, had been diagnosed. Contre la Covid-19. [40] In Wevelgem, a family and a primary school teacher were diagnosed with the coronavirus upon their return from the North of Italy. De Croo said that the restrictions would remain in place until at least mid-December.[86]. [185], Even if Belgium belongs to the EU's top five in terms of intensive care unit (ICU) capacity, with a number quoted to be around 15.9[186][187] to 16.5[188] ICUs per 100 000 inhabitants before the outbreak of the pandemic, the Belgian hospitals started to increase their number of intensive care units around 10 March. As of 3 April the case fatality rate of the COVID-19 disease is in Belgium similar to the neighbouring countries The Netherlands and France but much higher than in Germany. 48,5 procent minder auto's op de weg maar hamsteren veroorzaakt wel méér vrachtverkeer", "Corona does not necessarily imply less pollution", "Coronavirus lockdowns have changed the way Earth moves", "Coronavirus : pourquoi le nombre de cas détectés en Belgique ne représente pas grand-chose", "Marc Van Ranst: "Werkelijk aantal besmettingen ligt waarschijnlijk tien keer hoger, "Coronavirus en Belgique : combien y a-t-il de patients guéris ? [77] The mortality peak would follow a bit later, and was retrospectively observed to have occurred on 12 April. ), 7-day running average for daily new cases, hospitalisations, discharges and deaths, Ongoing COVID-19 viral pandemic in Belgium, Map of Belgium and its provinces with the spread of COVID-19 as of 9 July 2020, Infections at the Doel Nuclear Power Station, High death toll and unusual method of counting, Please consider summarizing the material while. [78] The peak was 417 deaths in 24 hours. [120][121][122][123][specify], Experts and authorities also used the media to express themselves throughout the crisis, either to reproach citizens organising or taking part in so-called 'lockdown or corona parties',[124] or otherwise to give their point of view. [178] According to Steven Van Gucht, responsible for the reporting strategy, the suspected deaths are being counted as COVID-19 deaths because not everyone can be tested[178] but said this way of counting saved lives by pointing to the dire situation the care homes were in. [needs update] [53], On 10 March, the total number of confirmed cases was 267. [232][specify] Belgian researchers at the Royal Observatory of Belgium noticed a drop of the background noise on the seismic data that could be the result of transport networks and other human activities being shut down. This was due to underreporting by a lab in the province. [216] Talks between political parties continued the next hours and were extended to Ecolo, Groen, cdH and DéFI. [139] De Standaard praised Steven Van Gucht, president of the Scientific Committee, for being "calm, empathic and wonderfully clear".[140]. BILAN COVID. [citation needed]. Dec L’agence propose un point épidémiologique quotidien, qui comprend les chiffres-clés nationaux. 22:53. As a result, the new Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo announced that a national lockdown would be reintroduced from 2 November onwards. Towards the end of January, Belgian newspapers highlighted the shortage of respirators and surgical masks and a retailer questioned whether Belgian would have enough masks if there were to be an outbreak of the virus, but the Federal Public Service Health claimed the Belgian hospitals had sufficient stock. Mar In mid-October 2020, 26 people working at the Doel Nuclear Power Station tested positive for COVID-19. Note: For some reason, Sciensano is using different age ranges for confirmed cases and for deaths. Pour la Belgique, quarantaine ... et Guatemala avec test PCR. [164] Only on 21 April, masks were advised for all personnel in contact with patients. ), Change of hospitalisations per day in Belgium, Active cases in hospital per day (incl. [172] The Netherlands on the other hand, only counted confirmed cases. Because of the use of actual dates and as some delay occurs in reporting, all figures are subject to retrospective updating. [72] However, on the daily press conference of the Belgian National Crisis Centre of 28 March Dr Emmanuel André of the UZ Leuven mentioned that the number of 789 ICUs corresponded to 43% of the capacity, bringing the total capacity to 1835 instead of 2650, while Dr Van Gucht quoted the capacity as 2081 units. Starting 4 May 2020, Belgium began gradually to ease the lockdown measures, which were the measures taken from March 18 to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Depuis le début de la crise sanitaire, en partenariat avec vous, nous nous sommes adaptés en permanence pour livrer vos clients, tout en protégeant leur santé, celle des postières et postiers, et celle de nos partenaires. [73] The newspaper De Standaard mentioned the number of 1765 on 31 March[74] and 2393 on 3 April.[75]. May [111], On 7 April, a Group of Experts for an Exit Strategy (GEES), led by Erika Vlieghe and composed of 10 scientists, economists and top managers, was set up to advise the National Security Council on the restart of the country. The FCDO has removed Guadeloupe from the Global Travel Advisory exemption list, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks. [97] It was stressed that the measures taken were not a lockdown because people were not required to stay home. ", "Emergency government thanks to coronavirus crisis? Jul [28], As of 3 March, six further cases were confirmed, making a total of 14 cases. While Belgium had been struggling to form a new federal government since the elections of 26 May 2019, the coronavirus pandemic sparked new debate on the ongoing formation, as the actual minority caretaker government Wilmès I wouldn't have all the ability to tackle the coronavirus crisis and its consequences. Aug [citation needed], An agreement has finally been found on 16 March under the form of a continuation of the Wilmès I Government, with the exception that the government now has full legislative powers rather than being just a caretaker government. At the end of March, it became clear that the peak of the only wave thus far of the pandemic within the country was expected in early April. With people who are not part of your bubble, safety distance had to be respected. Nov [76] On 8 April, a drop in the number of active hospitalisations could be seen, which meant that a peak in them, and thus perhaps in infections, had been reached a couple days earlier. Tout le fil info. Covid-19 : l'Autriche imposera un troisième confinement strict au lendemain de Noël. This was only the third time the infection of a companion animal by its human companion had been reported worldwide. Actualisé le 18 Décembre 2020 toujours en vigueur. ", "Le Belge contaminé par le coronavirus peut quitter l'hôpital Saint-Pierre", "Situation update for the EU/EEA and the UK", "Virologen aangeslagen door dood van 12-jarig meisje", "Belgian girl becomes Europe's youngest coronavirus victim: media", "Coronavirus: 1,850 new cases confirmed, 64 new deaths in Belgium", "Coronavirus: Why death and mortality rates differ", "Counting coronavirus: How are different countries calculating death tolls, and can you trust them? [12] Such differences in methods of counting complicate any attempt to compare death rates in different countries. [136] Similarly, Leopold Lippens, the mayor of Knokke-Heist, judged the actions of the federal authorities insufficient and therefore ordered the ban on all indoor and outdoor activities in his municipality. ), Confirmed new cases per day by region Pour pouvoir accéder aux Antilles françaises, les passagers devront présenter, lors de l’embarquement, les résultats d’un test RT-PCR négatif effectué 72 heures avant le vol. [168], In April, Belgium had very high mortality figures, the highest death rate from COVID-19 in the world at that time. [91], On 1 March, as a second case of coronavirus was confirmed in Belgium, phase 2 of the health risk containment strategy was activated. ", "What is coronavirus and how close is it to becoming a pandemic? The vaccines division of GlaxoSmithKline, which has its headquarters in Belgium, helped with providing its infrastructure and staff free of charge to carry out at least 6,000 PCR tests per day on their Rixensart site,[211] participating in an increase of the number of analyses in the country, as of 9 April. Causing still an underreporting of around 600 deaths. Afin de répondre aux inquiétudes causées par la COVID-19 et prioriser votre sécurité et celle de nos employés, nous avons développé de nouvelles mesures sanitaires dans le … 3 mei", "Coronavirus: EU ministers urge members to share supplies", "Coronavirus: 100.000 masques FFP2 sont arrivés ce jeudi à Liège et seront immédiatement distribués", "Coronavirus: Alibaba gives Belgium 500,000 mouth masks", "De Backer moet tekort aan mondmaskers tegengaan", "Belgium increases COVID-19 testing capacity to 10,000 test a day", "Coronavirus: Belgium pours €5 million into efforts to fast-track vaccine", "Coronavirus: la Belgique est très bien préparée, selon Maggie De Block", "Minister De Block: "Kans is reëel dat coronavirus naar ons land komt, maar er is een plan, "COVID-19: Press conference – streaming and archives", "Coronavirus - Mijn boodschap aan de Belgische bevolking", "Coronavirus - Message à la population belge", "Last night's "lock-down parties" trigger indignation", "De coronapiek komt, al de rest is onzeker", "Brussel betreurt de helft van de corona-overlijdens tot nu toe, maar die cijfers geven een vertekend beeld", "King Filip calls on Belgians to respect the COVID-19 measures "for ourselves and for the most vulnerable among us, "Lettre ouverte à la ministre de la Santé publique : "Coronavirus, il faut savoir écouter la peur, "Experts oneens over aanpak coronavirus: "Patiënt was niet gevonden als we richtlijnen overheid hadden gevolgd, "Apothekers kregen nog steeds geen specifieke instructies over corona: "Wij zitten nochtans in de vuurlinie, "Vlaamse rusthuizen eisen verbod op bezoek", "Professoren Goossens en Van Ranst: "Draconische maatregelen zijn nodig, zoals alle evenementen schrappen, "Open brief van Vlaamse rectoren en experts: "Het coronavirus is ernstig, aan vrijblijvende richtlijnen hebben we niets, "Coronavirus: Knokke jusqu'au 30 avril en "lockdown, "Coronavirus crisis brings fragmented Brussels together", "Financial Times vol lof over Belgische aanpak coronacrisis", "Steven Van Gucht: rustig, empathisch en heerlijk helder", "There Aren't Enough Medical Masks to Fight Coronavirus. [110], In an effort to support international research, Belgium pledged 5 million euro to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) which intends to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. [220][specify], Belgian companies suffer from the corona crisis, such as producers of fries who reported a drop in demand for potato specialities. On 11 March the care homes were closed for all visitors in Wallonia and Brussels, and a day later in Flanders. [134][135] In an open letter several Flemish rectors with experts in the fields of epidemiology, virology, biostatistics and health economics, including two members of the Scientific Committee for Coronavirus, urged the authorities to take decisive measures and to avoid non-binding instructions and guidelines. Contact - [98], On 17 March, the National Security Council decided to take additional measures, based on the spread of COVID-19 in Belgium and on recommendations of experts. [195], Studies conducted by Vrije Universiteit Brussel on patients that were being treated for small procedures and who did not have COVID-19 symptoms, showed that approximately 8 % had an infection in the lungs and were infected with the coronavirus,[196] confirming the suspicion that many people are infected with the coronavirus without knowing and as herd immunity would prevent the spread of the coronavirus. [137], Some media made positive criticism, such as the Financial Times who praised Belgium for its handling of the coronavirus crisis,[138] claiming Belgium had shown that "a fragmented country" could still produce a clear response to the pandemic – by taking decisive actions earlier than other countries – and pointing out the daily briefings are not held by politicians but by scientific experts and spokespersons. [50] The FPS Health then confirmed for the first time that infections had occurred in Belgium. A partir du premier août, chaque personne qui rentre en Belgique depuis l’étranger ou qui désire séjourner plus de 48 heures en Belgique devra remplir un formulaire d’identification (Formulaire de Localisation du Passager). ), New confirmed cases per day in Belgium [60], By 14 March 689 cases were confirmed with four deaths. The total number of death cases in Belgium also includes suspected death cases, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, Shortages related to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, national public health institute of Belgium, COVID-19 pandemic by country and territory, "Mystery deepens over animal source of coronavirus", "One repatriated Belgian has tested positive for the novel coronavirus", "6 new cases of Covid-19 by the end of the spring holidays", "Seven confirmed coronavirus cases in Belgium following holiday week", "Covert coronavirus infections could be seeding new outbreaks", "United Kingdom Coronavirus: 301,815 Cases and 42,461 Deaths - Worldometer", "Coronavirus: Why so many people are dying in Belgium", "Analysis: Can we trust Belgium's COVID-19 death statistics? [13][14] First reports of the coronavirus disease started to appear in the Belgian media around 8 January. [227], From 12 March onwards many people started hoarding for the next one and a half-week. ), Tests and new confirmed cases per day in Belgium [112], At the outset, the Belgian authorities, mostly through their federal Minister of health Maggie De Block, had focused on reassuring by asserting that there was no reason to panic,[113] that Belgium has good hospitals and laboratories[114] and that the government was attentive to the evolution and well prepared for the possible arrival of coronavirus. L’information officielle sur la progression de l’épidémie en France est consolidée par Santé publique France. Because of the use of effective dates and as some delay occurs in reporting, all numbers are subject to retrospective updating. [212], The idea of forming an emergency government emerged. ", "Le nombre de personnes guéries, l'autre chiffre sous-estimé", "Covid-19 : combien y a-t-il de personnes guéries en France ? 2020-05-06: 110 deaths reported for last 24h and 229 deaths in hospitals reported additionally for the period between 24 March and 4 May (inclusive). [230][231], The Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy reported that the strong decrease in car and air traffic due to the confinement measures does not necessarily entail as strong a decrease in air pollution. [65] While the high incidence in Honnelles could be linked to an outbreak in a centre for disabled people, the mayor of Quévy had no idea what caused the large outbreak in her municipality but complained of the lack of communication and protective equipment. Aug It was strongly disapproved by Minister President of Flanders Jan Jambon who called it detrimental to the spread of the virus. On 12 January 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that a novel coronavirus was the cause of a respiratory illness in a cluster of people in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, which was reported to the WHO on 31 December 2019. ", "Wat kunnen de wiskundige modellen echt voorspellen? [82] Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst advocated against easing and in favour of stricter measures, calling the situation in Belgium on 15 September a recipe for disaster. [214] Those discussions however were inconclusive as Bart De Wever (N-VA) wanted to be the new Prime Minister[215] and as PS and MR refused to nominate new Prime Minister and Ministers, arguing it would be a waste of time. [221], Just as most airlines in the world,[222] the national flag carrier Brussels Airlines suspended all its commercial flights as of 21 March, originally until 19 April[223] but delayed the restart of operations first till 15 May,[224] then till 1 June,[225] then gradually from 15 June. On 6 March 59 new cases were reported by the government, bringing the total to 109 (65 in Flanders, 12 in Brussels, 31 in Wallonia and one recovered). 5,000 tests daily begin April. [174][175] Some doctors complained that deaths caused by other pathologies and causes have been lumped into the COVID-19 category. COVID-19 confirmed cases in Belgium by province (, COVID-19 confirmed cases in Belgium by region (, COVID-19 confirmed cases in Belgium by day and region (. The COVID-19 pandemic in Belgium is part of the ongoing worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). [23], On 24 February, following the spread of the COVID-19 in northern Italy, a hundred Belgian citizens were put in quarantine in the H10 Costa Adeje Palace in Tenerife that was put on lockdown. Cafes and restaurants were allowed to be open as of 8 June. Conditions générales d’utilisation - Les passagers en provenance de ces deux destinations ne seront dès lors plus soumis à l’obligation de quarantaine à leur retour en Belgique, signale-t-elle sur son site internet jeudi. [94], On 10 March, the government advised citizens to cancel any indoor scheduled events to be attended by more than 1,000 people for the month of March. The new cases were amongst others reported in Houthalen, Melle, Lokeren, Mere, Lede, Tildonk and Poppel. [173], This way of counting was criticised by Flemish Minister for Tourism, Zuhal Demir, as it would portray Belgium as bad in the fight against coronavirus and also would harm the Belgian reputation of being a prominent country in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. [58] The total number of confirmed cases rose to 399. Efforts to address the coronavirus outbreak in Belgium are managed by the nine federal and regional health ministers, Maggie De Block (Open VLD, federal government), Wouter Beke (CD&V, Flemish Community), Christine Morreale [fr] (PS, French Community), Antonios Antoniadis [de] (SP, German-speaking Community), Bénédicte Linard [fr] (Ecolo, French Community), Valérie Glatigny [fr] (MR, French Community), Alain Maron [fr] (Ecolo, Brussels), Elke Van den Brandt [nl] (Groen, Brussels) and Barbara Trachte [fr] (Ecolo, Brussels),[88] with the support of: On 29 January, Belgium issued a travel notice advising against non-essential flights to China, Hong Kong excluded, with some travel companies cancelling all flights to China.